Acute Stress Disorder and can cause extreme terror and fear.

Acute Stress Disorder and Anxiety Attack

Definition of Acute 

Word used when describing an illness or injury that has a way of showing up and then going away. Acute illness and injuries often come out of nowhere and then just vanish shortly after. Most people who suffer from these conditions find it very hard to get properly diagnosed and often will show up to see their doctor when it seems like somethings wrong. Your doctor will count on you for as much information you can give him in aiding in your illness and diagnose. A Chronic condition on the other hand is a condition that is on going and relentless. Most people with chronic conditions are usually found to be constantly suffering with the persistent condition their going through.

Acute Stress Disorder

Come about like being hit by a frieght train having symptoms that can be quite terrifying and intense but usually an attack last a very small amount of time but leaves the person who just had a panic attack fearing having another one. Stress plays a large part to any of the disorders and it is the amount of stress that the mind goes through that brings about the stress disorders in the first place.

Acute Anxiety Disorder

Now that you have a good idea of what acute means you can kind of sense what one goes through as their blind sided by fear and panic. There are several different types of anxiety disorders but the one thing that is very common with them is that it causes fear and mental stress to the point it affects a persons life and well being. If you have an acute anxiety then you know exactly what Im talking about and have faced some of the symptoms that goes along with the anxiety disorder.

Acute Anxiety Reaction

This is also known as a Symptom of an Anxiety. What a person faces that is probably most frightening during an episode is chest pains and heart palpitations. Some people will feel their chest tighten up and feel pain as if their having a heart attack while others may have a very hard time breathing and hyper ventilating trying to get more oxygen into their lungs. The feeling and Symptoms in Anxieties are real, your not imagining them nor are you imagining the fear that goes with Acute Stress Disorder. "The good news is that most of the symptoms never leave any long term effects and you shouldn't worry". It is still important to see your doctor and get checked out. You dont ever want to make an assumption when it comes to chest pains of any sort. After your diagnosed with an  Anxiety disorder you may want to consider reading as much as possible and buy several books about anxieties. Your best defense against this illness and quality of life is knowledge.

Acute Anxiety Symptom

Abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, tightness in chest, chest pain, shortness of breathe, dizziness, frequent urination, light headed, difficulty swallowing, shaking, insomnia, feeling worried, disoriented, uneasy, feeling tired and irritable, anger into rage, inability to concentrate, fear you are going crazy, hard coping, feeling not in control of your own life, loss of control of actions, detached from your world and its surroundings.

Symptoms of Acute Anxieties can be controlling your life and as you see from the list above there are many physical and mental disorders and conditions that are associated with it. Lets face it life becomes difficult when you have to learn to cope with anxiety so your focus should be on curing your disorder.

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