Anxiety Attack Disorders by Teens and Adults

Teen Anxiety and Adult Attack Disorders

Anxiety disorders - unrealistic fear and worries which cause a condition or reaction. It is very common and prevalent in all ages of people where an anxiety or anxieties is controlling some ones life.

Teen and Adults are susceptible to many different kinds of Anxieties that cause Anxiety Attacks to occur and most of them fall under the General Anxiety Disorder Group. The best way for you to self diagnose yourself is to read all through them and see if you fit into an anxiety type. Panic Anxiety Disorder has by far the most noticeable symptoms which are usually creater by extreme fear. Some people even are terrified so much that they develop Agoraphobia which is a fear of an anxiety attack. Do realize that everyone has anxieties and stress and only when it is out of control or abundant causing your life to be affected by it is it a problem.

Phobia Disorder Anxietes

Phobias are often fear of situations or objects which may or may not have a trigger attached to it unlike Post traumatic stress Disorder which almost 100 percent of the time is associated with a trigger and causes some of the worst symptoms to be felt in a person with that particular anxiety. Teens phobias are no different from adult or child phobias. Phobias are usually shared across the board between all ages of people.

Obsessive Comopulsive Disorder 

I think my favorite disorder is an Obsessive Compulsive Anxiety Disorder which is funny to people who don't have to live with the condition. But the person whose life is turned upside down it is far from a laughing matter. Personally I have a Social Anxiety Disorder which makes it hard for me to create and make friendships that stay. Often I worry about what other people think and it keeps me from participating in social activities. It can be a very lonely disorder.

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