Ansiety or Anziety or Anxiety

Anxiety is often mispelled Anziety and often spelled Ansiety

"Chances are if you got to this page you probably typed the word Anxiety incorrectly"

Spelling Anxiety

No big deal unless your anxiety is driven by mispelled words. Most people who mispell the word as ansiety or anziety or Anxiety dont really care about the spelling only the condition their suffering from.Anxiety is often mispelled as Ansiety and anziety comes in a close second as many of us with anxieties don't know much about are condition or even how to spell the word describing the condition we suffer with. The main thing that counts is you finally made it here and I hope you can find some information that can give you direction into curing your anxiety.

My research on Anxiety and Depression -

I have written most of the documents at this site from the years of research I have done with hope that I could find a Natural way of curing anxieties and conditions of the people who are closest to me. What started out as some research and discovery has turned into something I find quite interesting and almost a habit. I find myself many nights reading articles that other people have written suggesting ways that they deal with their anxiety and other disorders such as depression. Along the road of discovering anxieties and all the many mmental health conditions that people have I have discovered that so many people whom are running sites about your health and conditions can't even spell those conditions that they are supposedly experts at. This taught me early on to try and learn as much as possible so my information would be as accurate as possible.

The road to curing anxiety

For most is a long run especially those who get dependent on drugs to maintain their way of life and happiness. It is undestandable if your anxiety condition or depression is life threatening or is on the extreme side and effects you often, but for those who have the occasional bouts of anxiety you may want to consider a more natural approach to curing or maintaining your anxiety.

Natural Anxiety cures

Curing your condition the Natural way is more of you learning about your condition and facing what effects you head on. You need to learn how to retrain your mind to be stronger then your anxiety. An example is someone who is fearful of heights and develops anxieties anytime their on a ladder or etc.. The way to overcome this is by climbing that ladder over and over again and facing your fears and anxieties. Is it simple? No, of course not but you can overcome your condition if you really put your mind to it.


 Is also one of those conditions that are spelled wrong. Here are some of the ways that they are spelled.

  1. deoression
  2. depreesion
  3. depressiom
  4. drpression

 Most of these are typed in incorrectly but you would think a professional site would have this corrected before they posted it. With all the time I have to do research, I spent many a great hour researching the mispelling of the many descriptive words used in the Industry. I was amazed to find that the numbers were extremely high from the proffessional that are suppose to help you.

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