My Anxiety Success Story

My Anxiety Story

This is an Anxiety Success Story

 Hi, my name is Jesse. For many years I suffered from an Nervous condition called Social Anxiety Disorder. I never new I was in an "anxiety condition disorder state of mind". My disorder or condition had left me feeling disassociated with the world and people around me. It's not that people disliked me in fact the opposite is true. People liked and loved me but for some reason I would pull back and be more like a loner. I often faced Acute Depression with all the lonely nights I personally felt as if I didn™t belong on this planet. I was Mr. śBoy Lonelyť!


"Having an anxiety condition can take it's toll on a person leaving one with a not so fun filled life". One day I got online and started doing a little research thinking I was suffering from depression. With that knowledge I decided maybe it was time to look for a cure to aid me in my illness. I decided I would get ś The Best Anxiety Depression Medicationť, that money could buy. The more research I did the more information I found that was pointing to a Mental Health condition called "Social Anxiety Disorder".

I read as much as I could and it fit me to a tee. I was not sure why I had this Medical Health disorder or knew the cause of the social disorder. One thing I knew for sure is the more I had learned the more it seemed to me I could "cure my anxiety" by reading an anxiety book defined to my particular health issue. So I started my quest to find the quickest and easiest Anxiety cure. I read a Health article on Social Anxiety Disorder which had pointed me to taking Depression medication. So I looked at the possibility of taking Anti- Anxiety medication and did research on some of the drugs that were available.

One of the drugs I found was Paxil and another disorder drug was Zoloft. After reading the side effects of Paxil and the side effects Zoloft I decided that each of the anti anxiety medication had I decided to look at had less then expected long term side effects. So I decided to look for a Natural anxiety cure instead of risk my body to medications that just seemed to be bad for long term Mental health. Now a natural cure is not the easiest way in my opinion but it is the safest by far.

What I had learned from my reading is my mind had been programmed by the way I grew up and was raised. My parents were not very social nor did they have friends come over. Well that might be fine for them but I need friends, good friends to hang out with and to talk to. So my Natural Anxiety Cure happened through reading and taking several courses to understand my condition and learn how to retrain my mind. Anxiety Conditions are in the mind, its not like a cold or a virus but more of a mental health problem. Yes I could go to a doctor and there™s a chance, a really big chance that he will put me on an anti depression medication.

I don't want to take pills especially when they seem so dangerous to use over the long haul. So my Anxiety treatment is for me the best treatment for anxiety and in following my treatment I had become almost like an expert in my own disorder. I cant even imagine how many hours I spent reading but just doing the investigation and learning about General Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms had kept me from feeling so depressed. It seemed the more I kept my mind busy the less I worried about being alone and the less stress I had in my life. At one point of my research I started creating my own plan with all the information I had gotten.

Now my plan was designed for me based on all the information gathered about anxiety disorders. With the ability to be able to get to know myself and the conditions I felt at home when it came to treating myself. I took more time then any doctor who specialized on anxiety would take and kept consistently evaluating my condition and setting up things for me to try to overcome the Mental Health Disorder I had. Then I created my own shyness and anxiety workbook and started writing things down in it such as: When I was suffering from depression, why I was depressed, who I talked to today, why I didn™t meet someone for coffee and etc.. I started writing everything down in it and taking notes. At the end of the week I would go through my anxiety workbook and try to figure out what I could have done differently. Then I would make suggestions for the following week and review them before I started each day.

Part of a problem for me was remembering names. If you have a problem remembering names it is possible you have a similar social anxiety condition or disorder. I cant count the amount of times someone had told me their name and only a minute or so later have no clue as to what letter their name even started with. It was part of the anxiety but at the same time had become a habit, a very bad habit for me to have. Lets face it, when you use a persons name it brings you closer and your conversation more personal with greater value. I think it™s great when someone from several weeks ago that I met remembers my name when we bump into each other. On the other hand I think I™m losing my mind because I cant remember theirs. It is very embarrassing not to be able to recall it and them having to give me their name again.

You want to "Naturally cure your anxiety" and not have to be coping with your social anxiety. Life is about being together with other people and creating memories and not being depressed and lonely. Maybe your not sure if you have a social anxiety so take a simple social anxiety test. On a piece of paper write down all the friends you hang out with each month or all the ones you talk to on the phone. Don™t count the ones on the internet because they come and they go and are not counted as far as real friends. Real friends are a part of your life creating memories as you go along not creating emails and text chat. After you had made your list write down how many times a month you had hung out with each of the people on the list. If you never hung out with any of them then you are a social anxiety candidate. If you only spent one or two days with a friend then you are definitely having a social problem.

If your independent that™s great but if loneliness goes with that independence and depression follows then you need to learn how to socialize and have fun. Talking to people and having fun with people is required for good mental health. You will find if you have several good friends you hang out with, whether it is playing cards or barbequing each week will make you a happier person. Just the fact that you have something to look forward to on your day off will make your life more enjoyable. Reach out and break the anxiety condition that is controlling the happiness you should have in your life.

My advice to you is to not sit back and be unhappy with very few friends. Read the, "anxiety books", and do your homework. Nobody likes homework but if you look at it as making your life more exciting then maybe you can get into reading and learning with some interest. Become a social anxiety expert and become socially involved so life will be not just fun but awesome. You have seen groups of people out there having fun together, didn't you ever want to be part of that group? I bet you did and I definitely do! So don't hesitate your happiness and your families happiness is counting on it.

Sincerely Jesse

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