Your First Steps to an Anxiety cure starts froom being aware.

Anxiety Cure Steps

"Your life can be less stressful when you know what stresses you out"

One of the First Steps to Cure Anxiety.

Before you can even think of curing the anxiety disorder you have you must take a good look at your life, job, and conditions at home. All these things can be a factor or a contributor that will hinder you from achieving success in the program. Of you take any stimulants or drugs it is best to have that under control before you start. If your an alcoholic then you better get help for your alcoholism first otherwise you will never be in the mind set for  achieving a cure.

Your Life-

Are you happy with your life and where you are? Is it possible that because of your inability to focus that you have developed an anxiety? 

Many people have a hard time prioritizing what is truly important in their life and then getting those things done they wanted to achieve. For me I know that feeling as if I have accomplished something each day puts me in a better mind set. I often dream about going back to school, think about getting things accomplished, dabble with the ideas of doing hobbies I always wanted to get into but for some reason I hold myself back. The question is why? 

For many people it is the fact that without love, true love, they tend to be lost in life and never able to find their way. For others it is just the lack of will power and commitment to the project or idea that keeps them at bay. Many people have blamed their anxiety on chemical imbalances and for some they are correct, but for the majority it is just an excuse. 

It is very hard for me and a very great majority of people to get the ball rolling because we don't have to do it. We have trained ourselves to handle things that come up in our lives that have to be done. Cooking, Cleaning, going to work, shopping, and a whole slue of things. If we are capable of doing that then we should be able to do other stuff, right? "Of course"!

The Job and stress-

Do you like your job, hate your job, dislike people at your job, wish you were working else where?

So many things you have to think about but it does come down to you being happy at your job. If you are doing something 8 hours a day that you just don't like then tell me how healthy can that be? We tend to take on jobs for paychecks instead calculating in the fun factor. Your life so drastically needs fun pumped into it and without fun life can really suck allot of wind and hinder you from feeling happy on the inside.

Honestly you can enjoy your job but you have to start looking at it differently. Right now problems cause anxieties and job stress. The stress is stored for short periods of times in your mind and you feel and deal with it. Too much stress and anxiety though will erode at your mental health. So what do you do?

Your problems are no longer problems, they are "Challenges"! When you look at things a different way they tend to put a positive spin on it. So say someone at work doesn't like you. I personally Challenge you to "Change their mind". Buy them a cup of coffee, bring them donuts, make a truce and talk with them. Take on every and all challenges head on but in search of a positive outcome. The majority of people use negatives and in the end they get negatives back. When you turn into a positive person you will see things in your life change. You have to be patient but it will change, "trust me".

Conditions at Home-

Whatever you may be going through at home is or has been allowed by you. Change can happen as long as you make it happen. If the kids keep the house a mess then give them chores, if they fight and argue constantly then punish them by taking stuff away.  The key to success is to not retreat but stand your ground like a battleship. It is your house and you are in command so command your troops. 

If the problem is with your partner then discuss it and find a solution. If this does not bring resolve or if your partner after many attempts refuses to talk then get rid of them. You deserve a happy life and even if their paying the bills by latching onto their negative ways you wind up having a very sad and lonely life. 

Your gut instincts tell you so much information and you need to listen because chances are that your gut is right. So clear your mind, focus in and listen to your gut instincts and make a logical decision. They maybe causing your anxiety, or let me rephrase that, "You maybe allowing them to cause you stress and anxiety. You can't find a cure for anxiety if your allowing it to happen. An anxiety and Panic cure can only be achieved through management of your emotions and feelings. It is you mind and thought process that has a problem and not the outside world.

Curing Anxiety Doesn't come over night

Your anxiety took days ,months, maybe even years to develop so why would you think you could fix it instantly? Not possible, the longer it took to develop the longer it takes to cure. So learn to be patient, to focus and hone in to the things that trigger your stress, Take on the challenges in front of you and tackle the negatives day by day. Be positive even if you have to force yourself to be.

Learn and study your condition whenever possible. "It's a serious condition so take it Serious", because your happiness depends on it. Part of taking it serious is making the time to learn about everything that is causing you stress, depression and anxiety. Get a book, Purchase a Book on Anxiety and start reading and teaching your mind how to react to everyday conditions, stress and fear.

"Eventually you will automatically out of habit become positive and so will your life". Your natural anxiety cure is not in a bottle, its in your mind and you can positively eliminate the disorder and stress that is running your life.


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