Anxiety Depression can make life a living hell for you and your family

Anxiety Depression

"Its one thing to be depressed its another to have it grow into an anxiety"

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety.

First thing you need to do is to figure out is why you are depressed and why you have an anxiety. Everything has a trigger that sets off your condition or disorders. As far as depression there are many reasons why one can be depressed and feel a loss of energy or will power to get anything done. It really sucks to be at the mercy of depression as you feel your life is going nowhere and you are powerless to its effects. You may find buying a book on depression Anxiety to be helpful and consider learning more about your condition.

Depression in girls tends to be higher then that in boys. Girls tend to have more going on in their life that they worry about. So you nay find if your a girl, woman, or young lady that you are more at risk to develop an anxiety or depression. I can't say this enough but you must know your triggers to be able to prevent the stress and depression from appearing.

Some things to try for Depression.

If you don't eat right and you find yourself eating out often or not eating enough at all then you may want to try and change your diet. Too many carbs tend to effect people and bring them down sometimes into a depressed state. On the other hand if you find yourself skipping meals then you may be needing food as energy to boost you up. Not eating right can change your attitude, your energy level and how you react to situations. It is important to eat at least three or more meals a day with a variety of the food groups to get what your body needs. Unfortunately as we grow older we tend to change our eating habits and it has very negative effects on us and the quality of our lives.

If your eating right but your still depressed is it because you are alone or in a bad relationship? If you are alone I can understand how it can be depressing being by yourself. We all need to feel loved and needed and we all need a companion to help us in our time of need. Some people can be happy with just having a couple of friends but personally I am the type who needs to feel loved and needed and have good positive interaction with another adult. If your in a relationship that is bringing you down you either have to fix the problem or end the relationship. It is very hard on a person to be depressed and life is short so you need to feel happy. If breaking up is the only way you can find happiness then do it otherwise seek counseling for your relationship.

Exercise your Anxiety Away by staying active and being involved you can help lift the weight of the depression and anxiety off of your shoulders and finally get room to breathe. For most people it is the lack of energy that keeps them from getting out of their slump. It takes some heavy will power and once you get into an exercise routine and stick with it you will start to feel better and you will slowly swing to positive territory.

Physical Symptom of Depression

One of the biggest physical symptoms felt from anxiety depression is the loss of energy and the feeling of being alone. This drags you down and puts a strain and stress on your body. You may start to feel body aches and pains and even have a hard time sleeping because of it. Some people will even develop illness from all the negative feelings they have to deal with. The combination of depression and the anxiety that comes with it can some times feel like a heavy burden that you just cant get rid of.

  • Depression also causes you to eat wrong or make bad choices when it comes to eating. Unfortunately these choices tend to add to the anxiety and depression you face each day.

  • Heartburn, stomach aches, rapid heart beat, chest pains, nausea, all of these things can happen and can be signs of your depression.

Coping with Depression

Why cope with depression when instead you can cure your depression. Depression like anxiety is usually in the mind and you can train your mind not to be depressed. So instead of tolerating your condition work towards fixing what is causing it instead. Try several of the suggestions above and find the ones that work for you and slowly chip away at that depressive state you have been living in. There is no reason to cope with it any longer as you can fight it and the triggers that are causing you discomfort.

Major Depression

If your suffering is taking its toll on you and you see no end in site they I suggest you dont go it alone. Sometimes we all need a little help to climb out of the depression or anxiety and get to the bottom of its root cause. There are several choices and things you can do about it and I suggest if your pain, stress, and depression are such a burden on your happiness you try getting help as soon as possible.

  • Doctor -

Your doctor can provide you with help in the form of medication to help relieve your suffering and he or she may also point you towards someone who specializes in depression. Depression medication may or may not help at first but there are several kinds out there that have been proven to help people when all else failed. The only thing to watch for are some of the negative side effects you may have to deal with when your on the medication.
  • Depression Support Group -

People who have similar problems and have gone through what your going through are some of the best most understanding people you can find to aid you with your condition. Finding a support group should be fairly easy as there are so many people who suffer from depression and anxiety.
  • Depression drug-

If your doctor sees your depression to be major and causing you great grief he will most likely prescribe medication to help you. The anti depression meds will have some side effects so be aware of them before you start taking them. They can change how you react to others and can cause you to not be yourself. I have heard of people who have taken the medication and have shown sign of anger and fits from it. So talk to your doctor and read everything on the drug he prescribes before you pop that first pill. Find out if it is addictive and try to stay away from getting addicted to it.
  • Stay away from alcohol and drugs -

Both alcohol and drugs used for recreational purposes will make it almost impossible for you to recover. So before you buy a book on depression or try to get cured of your depression it is important for you to not drink or do drugs.

"Anxiety Depression is more then just a burden but with some changes in your life or possibly getting medical help you can get it under control and eventually cure your Anxiety Depression".
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