Anxiety attack disorders are caused and could cause Panic but can be cured.

Anxiety Attack Disorder Causes

"Cure for Anxiety Attack begins with knowing the cause"

Causes of Your Anxiety

Anxiety and types of anxieties are often caused by the mind being conditioned wrongly to handle stressful  situations. It can be caused by a physical or mental condition that came about from drinking alcohol excessively, taking drugs, or possibly having something traumatic in your life. Your anxiety could have been triggered by one or more emotional situations in your life.

The mental condition of the Anxiety is the result of too much stress on a mind that was over whelmed by feelings of fear or loss. Anxiety Attack Disorders and the way the mind handles the situations can vary from one person to another but one thing you need to know is œyour not alone. Millions of Americans and many people around the world suffer from one anxiety type or another. With information on Anxieties and types of anxieties your on your way to healing your disorder.

Common causes of anxiety include these mental conditions:


  • Work - fear of losing job or work performance
  • School - Tests, grades, work load, studying, fear of failing,
  • Personal Relationship Fear - cheating, losing love, sexual inadequacy, not getting enough sex,
  • Financial stress - Bills, medical needs, dental needs, mortgage payments, dell phone bills, etc.
  • Health
  • medical illness
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Death of a loved one
  • Loss of wife, husband, girl friend or boy friend


  • Being afraid of bugs, the fear of spiders and fear of many creepy crawlers
  • Terrified of Heights - lets face it when that ladder shakes a little bit your body sends you signals to be careful and that there is danger. Some peoples minds tell them that not only are they in danger but creates an event in their mind that hasn't even happened striking fear throughout their body.
  • Fear of flying and not having any control with the thought that this could be the time the plane goes down. We all know the statistics shows that flying is safer then driving but unfortunately some with phobias can face attacks thinking the worst is going to happen. Many people give up jobs or wonderful vacation spots because of this fear. In fact there have been many cases of someone missing a family members wedding because of their fear.
  • Fear of animals especially dogs - dogs, friendly dogs have a habit of checking out anyone who comes into their domain. Can you imagine being afraid to the point you would not visit a friend or a loved one because of their pet?
  • Phobia Anxiety can be hard to overcome but can be overcome if someone really wants to tackle their fear. Most fears can be controlled or eliminated with hard work and slowly chipping away at that fear and retraining the brain to see things as not having to be associated with fear.

Fear  -

To be in fear and anxiety created and amplified in the mind can alter the way a person lives their life. The fear is real and usually caused by past fear created by something that was seen or something that had actually happened to someone. An overactive imagination can also cause fear that drives an anxiety. 

Anxiety Panic Disorders can develop from the fear and put you at risk because of some of the effects it may have as the mind tries to protect itself from the imaginary fears.

Medication -

Side Effects, many medications can alter the minds thought processes and even chemical imbalances can generate the disorder or attacks the person or subject may have.


  • illicit drug
  • cocaine
  • marijuana
  • amphetamines
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking

Losing Someone -

The loss of someone can leave a person emotionally vulnerable

 to attacks and disorders to surface.


  • Child or children
  • Husband or Wife
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Pets

Symptom of a medical illness

Breathing Problems -Caused from smoking and other medical conditions or allergies

Dietary Intake

An Anxiety Book can help you learn the many things that can cause your anxieties to be triggered. Learn the triggers and disable your disorder forever.

Curing Anxiety

Most of what you read could be the cause of your disorder but the cure is harder to achieve. It takes time to find and locate the causes and triggers associated with your anxieties, disorders or conditions. Then once you find it you have to read and learn about reprogramming yourself to look at your fears as challenges instead. Challenging yourself to face the fear is the only way to truly overcome it.

The cure for Anxiety Attacks begin with taking steps to find your cause. Often you'll hear these referred to as triggers, and once you locate the triggers then you will be on your way to good mental health.


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