Anxiety Fatigue is a tiresome thing

Anxiety Fatigue bringing you down

Definition of Fatigue

Anxiety Fatigue is a physical and mental condition causing an overwhelming exhaustion that leaves one in a state of no energy, feeling down, and could lead to depression. Often it is triggered by stress, being over worked, or even caused by losing someone or even losing a job. You can have multiple symptoms and they can range from moderate to severe.

Fatigue and anxiety is felt by all from time to time 

What is not normal is for it to happen on a continuous basis affecting your over all quality of life. Fatigue can happen from lack of sleep and over exerting yourself at work or even at play. A body and mind can only take so much before it just wants to shut down and relax. If you suffer for long periods of time then it is time to look at it seriously and try to understand what™s going on with you and what has recently happened that has triggered this anxiety fatigue.

Fatigue physically affecting you

A lack of energy that is extremely noticed and felt. Muscles weak with your overall body feeling very weak. The slow sluggish feeling and just the complete exhaustion being felt throughout your body. Possible mental exhaustion may also be felt with the feeling of being incapable of starting or doing anything, nor the will to even do anything.

What Causes Fatigue?

Inadequate rest, job stress, being over worked, bad eating habits and improper nutrition, consistent pain or illness, feeling of loss, lack of exercise, and many more.

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