Relief is just around the corner for your Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Relief

Much Needed Relief

Anxiety can just make you feel all sick inside from heavy breathing, butterflies and your heart pounding in your chest before making a speech in front of a group of people. Or how about being on a football team right before the kick off and you almost feel nauseous with the butterflies and queasiness your feeling. It's funny though how after the kick off it just goes away. Unfortunately this is not so for all things that cause us to be anxious.

Anxiety Relief by facing fears

Comes when you can face the fears over and over again until the fear decides to up and high tail it out of your mind. The fear which is in your mind will stay there until you face it head on. For some relief with your fear and anxiety you must practice over and over again. It just wont vanish after a couple of times instead it will get less traumatic and you will find yourself less anxious.

Some people deal well with their anxiety by over compensating

Here is an example: You are afraid of failing a test so you study hours and hours till you know the material back and fourth. This type of anxiety is healthy and is not a disorder. But if you study hard and then flunk because your fear hides everything in your mind you have studied and learned then it would be an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders can and will affect you and your quality of life but anxiety disorders are curable.

Relief from your anxieties comes with patience and time

Being Anxious all the time but knowing what triggers these feelings is what will aid you in a cure for your anxiety disorder, panic, or attacks. Be patient and practice that what you fear most. If it is speaking in front of groups of people then just do it over and over again. If your anxiety is really bad then practice in front of family and friends first till you have no butterflies. Also know your material so well that you don't need cue cards. It is a fact that holding a paper or cards can make you even more nervous so learn your material by heart and practice, practice, practice.

If you decided to learn to play guitar then you would have an understanding that it will take some time for you to play or even to hammer out a song that is enjoyable to hear. You also understand that it is something that you need to learn and with patience and practice you will eventually be playing and people will want to listen to you. It is the same thing with your anxiety and thats why you should not rely on pills. Pills cant make you play guitar nor can they teach you how to cure your anxiety.

For those who are interested, for those who often feel alone or have too much time to yourself then you may want to consider learning guitar to aid in your disorder. There is something about playing a guitar that takes you away and helps you focus and relax. A good site to find guitars is at pink Acoustic guitars which offers guitars of many kinds and types in a very relaxing pink color. I spend part of my day picking up the guitar especially when I feel lonely or anxious as I pace around the house looking for things to do. It helps me alot and I have grown to enjoy it as my playing gets better each day.

You cant just wish you will grow out of an Anxiety

It is very possible for you to grow out of an anxiety but highly unlikely. They just don't jump out of your head and in fact if untreated can get worse over time. Anxiety relief will come when you get involved in trying to cure your anxiety. An anxiety cure happens when you decide to re-teach your mind to look at the situation as challenging but not fearful. That is why practicing over and over again will eventually train your mind. Your mind has this false sense of fear in it and to remove it your mind needs to see over and over again that it should not be afraid.


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