Reading stories and books can help your child with Fear.

Childhood Fears

There are several unique fears that children often develop but with time most of them grow out of. Many of these fears are associated with just still being new to the unknowns in life. A child is sponge when it comes to learning and takes in sounds, pictures, feelings, tastes, and emotions that are very new to them. Sooner or later every child will discover pain, hurt, loneliness, and many other complicated feelings with each and every daily experience they acquire.

Development during Infant Years

When a baby, your baby, is first born they are held very tight and close and are made to feel comforted. With time a baby is moved into their own wonderful room you have created for them. If you have moved them into their own room at a young age then they are learning very quickly to sleep by themselves, to sleep without a light, to not be afraid of their surroundings. Most of us tend to keep the baby closer to us and often allow them to sleep in our room and often our own beds. The development of Childhood fears starts early on and in some starts when they are even in the crib.

Dealing with Childhood Fears

It can be hard to get your child to go to bed at night because of these newly developed fears. With time they will grow out of these fears as they find their room is not such a scary place after all nothing is in their closet no monsterare under their bed and all those noises they hear at night are just normal sounds a house can& make. To help your child grow out of their fears sooner rather then later you have to help them face their fears and do it without yelling or screaming. Most of all Never call your child names as this will only make them feel that you don't love them. They need you to help and encourage them,  be proud of them when they face their fears.

 Child Fear of Closet -

When a child is afraid of the closet that is half opened and dark and may even have items that tend to cause shadows in their big imaginations then prepare for bedtime. Close the closet door before they go to bed or even have them clean the closet before bedtime. Their minds will register that it is empty of monsters and soon the fear that they once had will just vanish with time. Try and remember back when you were a child and how objects within the room tend to look frightening. We all have gone through it but unfortunately many of us had parents who were not so understanding or who just did not know how to handle the situation. Below is a couple of night time books that may help your child gain the strength needed to conquer their closet fears.


Fear of the Dark

If your child is afraid to go to bed because of the unknowns in a dark room then try getting them a small light also known as a night lite. If your son or daughter has an extreme case of being afraid of the dark you may have to leave their door open for a short spell with a hallway light on. Each night try slowly closing the door a little at a time and encourage them in a positive way to be brave. You may also want to offer them a reward for their achievements to encourage their inner strength.

Scared Child

To help with child fears be positive and understanding but also understand a child needs to slepp in his or her own bed. When they sleep in their own bed they learn to rise above their fears and learn to trust that they are safe in their own home and bed. This should always feel like the place they can trust until they get older and you need to boot them out. (Some children never grow up)

Books to help

Childrens books with stories of other children facing their fears are very helpful and fun to read together at night. Not only will reading help your child face their fears but will encourage them to read more often. It is so important for children to read and I am sad to say the majority do not in this day and age. Childhood fears are best to stay just childhood fears so they don't grow into anxieties and stress as your children age. Stay on top of your childrens needs and fears and help them to become knights who are vistorious over their closet monsters.


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