Find Control with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Therapy - can change the behavior of the person who has an anxiety by changing the way the mind deals with the issue or rather changing how the mind sees the problem. The mind can be taught not to be afraid, not to be worried, not to feel closed in or helpless. When people with similar problems come together then there is an ease in the tensions and self conscious feelings a person may have about their condition. Most people in a group will accept you in almost like family and your healing can begin.

CBT should be attempted before deciding to go on any long term medication therapy. A person tends to think a certain way and those who have Anxieties can learn with time to think differently and change up there thought process to prevent panic attacks from ever surfacing again. What CBT will help do is to help eliminate the fear that has been programmed in their head. Behavioral Therapy can teach a person about the symptoms they are suffering. Learning and finding out about these symptoms will help alleviate the fear they might have as far as their long term health. Though the fear is real and the symptoms leave a feelings of terror in their wake rarely are they going to harm them or create long term health issues which makes having an attack that less frightening.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be the only way for some people to truly get over their anxiety and disorders that have held them back from a fun filled and enjoyable life. Why live life in the shadows of fear, why feel sick or zoned out or even face any symptoms that go with many of the anxieties. Be proactive and stand hard, get the support if needed and don't be afraid to get help from close friends and family.

If your interested in participating in a class verses self study then the best way is to find a class that is local and has been helping people out for years. Your physician will possibly be able to direct you to one of the classes or at least make a recommendation for one that you may participate and get the most out of. When you enter a class you will soon meet people with the same conditions and find that it is comforting to know that your not the only one with a disorder.

Changing up ones behavior and help them slow stand toe to toe with their fear will eventually make them stronger and able to cope and conquer their Anxiety Disorder and panic Attacks. The more a person is dealing with the problem instead of suffering from it the more likely that the Anxiety Attack will slowly be put to rest.

Practice makes perfect and facing ones fears can be very hard and stressful in itself. With time though your mind can and will change if you enable it another way to think. The mind does not want to feel threatened so you have to give it a different way of thinking about the problem and dealing with it. An example :

If your afraid of heights then try climbing a ladder one step at a time. One day you might go only two steps up, maybe after a week its three steps. You see where I'm going with this because before you know it your at the top of the ladder.

Your mind will soon learn it is not in constant danger and it will slowly look at heights a different way.

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