Change the Environment and Secure a future for your Children.

Is tomorrows environment looking bleak for your children?

Let's face it, change has to happen and happen soon if we are to make the world a better place for our children and grand children.

1) Are you Concerned about pollution?

a) If you are a parent you most certainly are thinking from time to time about the world you are leaving behind to your children and grand children. With the amount of pollution that each of our vehicles puts into the air and the consumption of energy we use on a day to day basis it is truly looking bleak. The first thing I would like to bring to mind is the many different ways each and everyone of us does to pollute the environment.

Main Questions to ask and talk to people about when it comes to pollution:

Causes of air pollution                                    Causes of air pollution

How to prevent air pollution                           Air pollution control

 Sources of air pollution                                 Solutions to air pollution

1) We rarely recylce unless we have to in our own communities. We all know that it is the right thing to do but yet we take the easy way out and just throw everythin directly in the trash instead of taking a little time to separate our waste so that it can be easily recycled. There is often bins in most communities for paper, plastic,glass, and aluminum products and step one is to realize you can make a difference. When you recycle you help prevent the waste of resources and insure that your family and the next generation of your family members will have the same things you have had. Resources are getting harder to come by so make a diffference by getting an extra garbage can or two and start separating your garbage into their appropriate bins.

2) Why drive a block or two down the street? Instead take a walk and stop using your vehicle because it is convenient to do so. Plan trips to the store and instead of visiting Walmart everyday to every other day go there only once a week. People tend to waste energy out of convenience but with the cost of energy and the resources diminishing it is time to manage how you use them. Not only can you save a ton of money but you will find yourself also saving the world.

3) Be afraid of your car's pollution and all the cars that are on the roadways. As an example I give you your concern about second hand smoke. You know how dangerous it is to breathe in second hand smoke but did you know that your car is worse then 100 smokers? If your car was parked in your garage with the garage door closed and running with in a small time frame you would pass away from being poisoned from the pollution it puts out. If their were 100 smokers you would not, all though I don't recomend you do either one. My point is we take our vehicles pollution for granted and how seriously harmful it is to the environment. With the ever increasing world population of drivers growing you can certainly get the picture that the world is slowly becomming a garage. The more drivers we have the more likely that our world garage door is slowly closing and trapping us into a world that will make it impossible for us and our children to survive.

2) Have you worried about what your children may face in tomorrows world?

a) Of course you have because there is so much to worry about that it becomes overwhelming. In fact its so bad that it leaves only the choice to pretend problems don't exhist or else you might have an anxiety attack or a nervous breakdown. Unfortunately that doesn't protect our children it just makes it their problem! We know our government is to slow to change to make policies that will save the future so it is left to us to make the changes that will make the world a better place.

1) Tonight take a look at your children as they lie in their beds without even knowing what their future may be like. They cant do anything to prevent the pollution and waste of resources. Can you make a difference? Ask yourself that question and then act on it. Buy your kids time by participating in programs to help the environment. Also teach your kids about what it is to recycle and what benefits come from it. Most of all talk to them about the environment and let them understand that they can make a difference. The difference will come mainly by example as your children will do as you have done. If you are concerned and become activce in keeping the environment a safer and cleaner place then they will also do so.

2) Have your children participate in cleanup projects and show them how to separate paper, plastics, aluminum and glass. Tell them why your doing it and give them examples of what things you are trying to protect by doing so. Children are like sponges so when you inform them and then let tthem paticipate you help to ensure that they will not be part of the problem in the future but more of the solution. It is never to young to become an Eco-Warrior and right now we have to few of them to protect everyones right to live a healthy life.

3) Become active with your kids by riding bikes together. Not only will your kids be happier but they will learn to enjoy the outdoors. By helping your children to see the beautiful world out there you also give them a reason to be concerned and want to protect it. Mother nature is a beautiful thing and is also very fragile as we have seen over the years. Time is ticking away and so is the natural resources that we have at our disposal.

b) We all tend to blame our government for the energy problems and pollution. Even the world looks to the United States government to make the changes. Here are some of the reasons why the US Government is not to blame:

1) "We the people our the government". It is time to start blaming ourselves and not a bunch of Democrats and Republicans that are in the office. We are such pigs when it comes to energy useage and consumption. We demand more and more energy in so many different ways that it has gotten out of hand.

2) The rest of the world is on an ever increasing useage of natural materials and resources and in doing so are becomming a part of the pollution problem also. We cant continue down this path of destruction as it will only become our downfall to civilization itself.

3) Anxiety about the environment continues but actions speak louder then words.

Please don't develop an anxiety condition because of pollution and resources that are wasted. Instead become an Eco Warrior and change the way you and those you know live. Everyone makes a difference and buys us time for our future and childrens future by being involved. It's time to change before there is no more time left.

This article was written not to scare you but to inform you and make you aware of what you already know and think about. People tend to think often about the concerns that have been stated in this article but rarely become involved. Please join me in spreading the message and elliminating the future anxieties our children will face about the world were giving them. Use less resources, use them wisely, and please consider how much pollution you generate every time you use energy. From your auto to the electric at your home you are polluting this world and using precious resources. "Make a difference, Change your ways, and spread the message"!

Become an Eco Informer Today!

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