Exercise and proper weight helps prevent Anxieties

 Physical Health leads to good Mental Health


Teen and Adult Health 

Being healthy mentally and physically is important to being able to live and enjoy your Life. When you are physically healthy you will find that your body is in better shape your mind tends to follow suit. You are less likely to have an Anxiety Attack an more likely to cure a depression which you might have been suffering from.With age we all tend to put on weight and many people accept it and go on living their lives as if its a normal ocurrence. Well being out of shape is not naturally normal but instead is a negative trend that is happening throughout the developed world. The fact is when you are physically fit you are less susceptible to illnes including anxieties and disorders of the mind.

Weight Loss Exercise 

Exercise is excellent to help get rid of and burn up those excess calories you maybe carrying. Weight loss exercise is targeted at just doing that, "Losing Weight". In order to lose weight you must burn more calories then you take in each day. The less calories you take in then the less exercise that you have to do.

Weight Height Chart

Start by weighing yourself and take an active roll and management stance to your weight problem by creating a weight height chart. Record Weight each day and if your a teen or child then record height every month. Weight and height for an adult need not be done every month but weight must be done every morning. Record your weight at the exact time or close to it each morning but dont worry if it varies up or down for the first couple of weeks. Instead you will average your weight progress at months end.

Weight loss product

Now if you decide to seek help for you or your child I would suggest you consider thinking very hard about the weight Loss Product you decide on. If you have to use it constantly you may have to take into consideration the cost of this product and if its safe to doi for a long period of time.

Ideal Weight

Your goal should be to achieve your ideal weight but more important is to know how healthy you feel and how healthy you truly are. Your ideal weight can be figured out with your height , age, and of course body type. Stay consitent on your weight plan and reward yourself one day a week for being able to stick to the plan without deviation.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Some people try anything and everything searching for the easiest way to lose weight. Maybe weight loss hypnosis can help you lose weight and possibly get you motivated to do so. What really matters is not looking to lose weight by doing little or nothing. Dont look to pills, get off your butt and just do it! Your happiness is in your hands and so is your childrens happiness. They want you actively involved in their life all of their life so tkae control and be the person you are truly meant to be, " Super Mom and Super Dad". Now you may think this is funny but thats how your kids look towards you and they need you to be strong for them.

The Power of Hypnosis can be highly affective for many people who just dont have the will power to stay on a diet and eat correctly. The Hypnosis can give you the extra boost you need to help you lose that weight and learn to eat better. This Weight Loss Self Hypnosis CD will encourage you and help your mind to think the way it should when it comes to eating. No longer will your eyes and your mouth do the thinking for you hunger rolls around.

When you are finished with the program/Self Hypnosis you should be on your way to eating correctly and increasing your Metabolism.

Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight rapidly is not very healthy. A healthy weight loss program will take the pounds off slowly and consitently and help you to change your eating and exercise habits. If your habits dont change you will remain heavy and with time grow heavier. No one said weight loss was easy, in fact there is no "Easy Weight Loss" Program.

Weight Loss Drug

If your doctor says to take it and it is safe without any side effects a long term illness then I would take it. But ask him to put that in writing with a health guarantee. A weight loss drug to me is another way of saying I'm lazy. The easiest way out is usually in the end the costliest and were talking about your health here.Ive seen the adds for the weight loss diet pill and it just reminds me of how stupid we are. You know how to achieve good health so other people are going to tell you the pill is better then natural weight loss and exercise.

Weight Loss Camp

When it comes to losing weight it is best to do it with other people. A weight loss camp may aid you by having the extra support and people who will grow to count on you. As you workout with strangers they will become friends and before you know it your not alone and the road to weight loss gets easier. So if you have

With weight comes stress

Anxieties and feeling less about your beauty and yourself. You know that if you were the correct weight for your height and exercised on a regular basis that more people would find their eyes eyes focussing on you and you noticing them looking. " Being admired and feeling Attractive". is awesome to say the least and your moral and positive feelings can come to the surface instead of staying dormant. Even Teen agers need to feel wanted and needed and depending on how mentally and physically they are may determine how they feel about themselves the rest of their lives. If your teen has put on the weight then dont just say "They must be in a growing spurt", instead involve your teen in activities like soccer, football, or track or any number of sports.

Eating for Good Mental Health

When we eat right we allow our bodies and mind to develop and maintain properly while a consistent excercise routine allows for the burning up and getting rid of whats needed and whats not. Have you ever thought about how your teen eats on average? Does your teen consume the proper food groups or is it an anything goes type of household. Teenagers should not choose what they eat or dont eat. You know what they need to be healthy so be the parent and feed them properly. If a person consumes more then whats needed and does very little exercixe to burn it off then they gain weight as the body stores the excess in vaults known as "fat cells". Fat is a needed part of the human body but only in small amounts. When a person puts on the excess baggage the body has to carry it, "all of it". Lets say you went back packing and you decided to bring an extra 30 pounds or more of food. Your back pack already weighing 25 to 35 pounds puts you at 55-60 pounds.

Carrying the Excess Baggage

Now picture your self hiking through the woods on a hike that lasts years. Well you may be saying I would not do that, who hikes for years? Of course you would not carry some bag on your back weighing 55 or 50 pounds for even a week but imagine what it would feel like after just one day of hiking. To rid yourself of that heavy back pack and feel lighter and less exhausted as you move around your camp site. So if you wouldnt even carry that back pack for one then why would you gain that much weight and not take it off. Think about how wonderful and how much energy you would have once that excess weight is off.

Im so Tired and dont have the energy

Lets face it being over weight, being fat, and being warn out and tired leaves you not having the energy or mind set to even get up and do extra activities. It's easier to gravitate to the tv, grab some chips or a snack and sit back and relax. It reminds me of that commercial which use to play and may still about kids smoking weed and their lives amounting to nothing. "Whats the difference"? Your over weight going nowhere fast instead of living your life to the fullest while hanging out in frront of a tv and just putting on the pounds and not growing mentally or physically.

Lose the Weight

If not for yourself then do it for the ones who love you. When you lose the weight you will be a positive and energetic presence in their lives and teaching them how to live. Dont accept that your fat, heavy, overweight, and thats just how it is. Dont expect people to judge you on whats on the inside, expect them to judge you and see you for who you really are and whom you will become. If your over weight then people dont see you as being active and ready to get involved. Yoou may not be lazy but being over weight naturally tells people not to invite you to anything that requires exercise or movement like hiking. You live once so please do it, Live, turn off the tv and motivate yourself to dropping the excess weight.


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