Anxiety can create many emotional feelings that make living life impossible.

Fear,terrifying,panic attack,stress, anxiety condition,terror,dread,worry,horror,fright,alarm,

Some of the words above maybe emotions that you have felt during the course of an Anxiety Attack. Many people suffer from anxiety conditions and often are in the same boat as you are. Your not alone, and nobody can predict when many of these feelings will come to surface.

When Dealing with Fear do you have a plan?

Many people just deal with it when it happens but rarely do they put a plan in place to help them prior to their attack from happening. If you plan your reactions to the fear before hand you may find a resolve that will either elliminate or help protect you from the impact of the horror, stress, and alarm you will go through.

Most likely you have been through many attacks prior to reading this so you probably have a good idea on the fear or anxiety that you suffer from. By taking time to think about what you went through and how you eventually got passed the pain and suffering of that emotional hammer you maybe able to figure out what things best work for you to get rid of or get around the suffering. Some people find certain things such as breathing in deeper breaths to help while others use a method of counting slowly backwards from ten to zero. What good about this is it gets your mind to focus on something totally different.

If you were afraid of heights then you know that looking down and thinking about what it would be like to fall to the ground only increases that fear to terror. But if you think about something different or focus on a different object like a bird thats on a branch your fear will slowly comne down to a manageable level. So next time you find yourself starting to feal alarmed then change where your mind is. Bring your self to a different place and try and relax as you think of things that make you feel safer or happier.

Terrifying Feelings can make you sick

It is normal to feel sick to your stomach when you are suffering from fear, anxiety,dread, and other emotions that are of the negative condition. Many times people may even think they are suffering a heart attack when they of course are perfectly fine. Anxiety conditions and panic attacks can make the mind react in ways that make you seem to have a major medical emergency. The power of the mind can be negative or positive and is an amazing thing. Often it can convince you of the worst possible scenarios as being truth when in fact it is more of trickery.

Know your Anxiety and all the symptoms it may cause you. Fear is only one symptom that an attack can cause but the list of symptoms varies for each individual. Some individuals may suffer from many disorders from their condition where others only suffer only one. Hopefully you suffer only one and are on the road to elliminating it through the information found in curemyanxiety.

Books on Disorders and Conditions

Your mind can change the way it thinks but only with your help. By reading books and articles about anxiety conditions and disorders you will start the relearning process. When you become educated only then will you be able to take control of your emotions and start to enable change. Baby steps to mental health starts at the very basic levels of thinking. So to change you must know as much as possible about your disorder and be prepared to take a proactive stance to your recovery. Often a doctor can provide you medication but usually lacks the amount of time you need from him to retrain how your mind reacts. So instead of putting it all in your doctors hands and the pills and medication he hands out start reading. Knowledge will be the key to your success!!!

I wish you all the best and hope this site can aid in your recovery and enjoyment of life!!!!



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