Make Searching for a Valentines Gift Fun and more meaningful

Valentines Day Shopping And Choosing the right Gift

If you haven't given much thought to Valentines Day and the present you will ultimately give your Love then you better get looking! With all the Stores including Kohl's,Victoria Secrets,Macy's and the like most of their shelves are starting to empty quickly. 

Valentines Gift Ideas

Now it maybe hard to get in the spirit of shopping for your Love when the Big Day is still off a bit but it is better to start searching out the perfect gift before your in a time crunch. I put together a basic list to help you narrow the group or groups you will be shopping from to help give you the best Valentines Ideas possible.

  • Candy - Valentines Day brings to mind for many delicious chocolates and heart shaped decorative boxes filled with mouth watering delights. When choosing just don't go for how pretty the box is, instead think about and consider the types of fine chocolates your lover enjoys to eat. Many of us make the mistake buying the biggest box of nasty filled chocolates with little thought to whats in the chocolate. Personally I love Dove Chocolates because they are very creamy and smooth and melt in your mouth easily. Many chocolates are liquid filled or have some kind of weird nougat in the middle. Try and stay away from these filled chocolates because they tend to be thrown out then savored!
  • Flowers - "Roses again"! Try not to be so predictable instead choose flowers that are unexpected and vibrant with color. If you find it hard not to atleast get one rose then add 1 rose to the bunch of flowers you give. Another option I like is giving a beautiful indoor plant that is full of flowers and color. The gift stays for a long time and is enjoyed and reflects more about your thoughts well after Valentines Day! Normally nobody gives a tree but as an extra gift you can imagine that giving a tree will seal in your Love forever as it is pointed to and displayed forever. It has more of an effect with time then it does at the time of giving. The Great thing about giving a tree is the natural beauty it adds and is also great for the environment!!
  • Jewelery - This gift is the one you can never go wrong with but at the same time you should not buy jewelery every year. Be creative and unpredictable! If you have been celebrating years and many Valentines Day's with the same person then consider a different option such as a "Weekend Love Excursion"! I think it is better to make time for each other then to receive a physical gift. In doing so you create memories that will last forever that you can both reflect upon and cherish!!
  • Perfume - Ahh the scent of a woman... Ok this is good but not very creative. Perfume is more of an added gift then a main gift so keep this in consideration. As far as which perfume or cologne to get you really need to know your parter as far as their likes and dislikes. If your unsure then talk to someone in the perfume section who is going to give you several popular perfumes to choose from. Certainly choosing the wrong perfume is wasted money.
  • Clothing - Unless your buying something that is really hard to find then I would stay out of this group. If your parter loves a certain band or has a love for thinks like Tinker Bell or guitars then this group would be o.k. Just don't get plain clothes without much meaning. Remember your trying to bring the passion and love into the gift you are giving!
  • Lingerie - This is a great gift and can make your mate feel sexy but at the same time can look like more of a gift for you. When choosing Lingerie keep in mind that this is a secondary gift and not a primary one. What goes good with this gift is flowers and a night out and a pair of diamond earrings or heart necklace.
  • Weekend Excursion - You can't go wrong by making an adventure out of your love and taking him or her somewhere special unless you consider Walmart a Weekend Excursion. Their are many 2 and 3 day cruises that can really captivate and stimulate your love for each other. One place if you live in Texas to go would be SanAntonio and the Riverwalk. Their you will rediscover Romance as you ride down the river of lights with fine restaraunts that surround.
  • A Poem engraved on a plaque - Why not? Let your Lover know by having a poetic message engraved and hung up where they can be reminded each day that you went the extra distance to let them know how much you care about them. Personalizing a gift brings an extra special feeling so try to personalize whenever you can. A box of chocolates and a selective flower arrangement would go great with this Gift!!

So don't just have a Chocolate Heart or find yourself running out of Valentines Ideas, instead put some thought into all the options and have a stress less adventure finding the perfect gift. Also try not to even consider sex afterwards. This is for a day of love so if you don't have intentions of making "Love" then don't consider a body wining experience.

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