Teen and Adult Generalized Anxieties (GAD) help to a cure.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

(Some people who often seem like worry warts and just find themselves worrying about little things that the normal person wouldn't be worrying about may have a Generalized Anxiety Disorder.)

General Anxiety Disorder -

 Constant and intense worry, stress, about a variety of everyday things, situations and or conditions can cause this Anxiety Disorder. People may often find themselves worried about things that should not have any stress induced at all such as family members who are healthy and they find themselves worried about their health for no reason. Worrying about what others think about them and stressing out on it, especially Teens. Worrying about life and death and not being able to live life to their fullest and happiest potential. Constantly their mind drifts in the possibilities of something bad happening even though it usually does not. G.A.D. is more common today then you may even think as the rise of a confusion in this new communication age continues.

General Anxieties can be caused by many things in ones life and may be hard to find out what caused it in the first place. 

People tend to worry but there are some people who worry more then others and can be stressed out very easily over certain things. Mothers often worry about their children often especially when they are away from home and the comfort zone. Fathers tend to worry about being able to provide and also keeping a job and paying bills. 

Teens tend to worry about dating, tests, grades, and what other people think of them. Often their is stress, depression and anxieties but most people tend to be able to move ahead with their life and not focus or develop an ongoing anxiety or disorder.

Anxiety disorder generalized

Worry, Worry, Worry, seems all that she could do was find something that always tended to bother her. You may have known someone or maybe know them now as somebody who is always worrying about someone or something. Usually there not that fun to be around as they tend to whine and complain about many things including their own health.

Some people are focused so much on negatives and the thoughts of being sick that they wind up convincing their very own mind that they are sick and don™t feel well. This is Generalized anxiety at least one form of it. Stress is very common and is usually a part of the sufferers life.

Incapable of sitting back and relaxing they almost look for something to complain about or something that bothers them. In the TV show bewitched the neighbor who lived across the street was always looking out her window and finding things that were wrong. Always looking for the negatives in everything and could rarely see a positive thing if it hit them in the face.


Person who complains, whines and nags quite often. Definitely shows a pattern of being unhappy and making others feel uncomfortable in their presence. Often if it™s even a family member you have a hard time talking to them because you don™t want to hear the same crying, pissing and moaning every time you talk to them.

Overly Concerned
Worry Often
Exaggerate problems and negatives
Sees the bad in everything
Problems concentrating,
Light headed,
Upset stomach
Sleeping Disorders


Actual cause is truly not understood which leaves many at guessing at the source of the problem. Maybe it was learned from another family member or just developed from too much negatives going on in ones life. Could be hereditary in some or it may even be diet or chemical imbalance. Your food and nutrition effects you in more ways then you can even imagine. An example is from people who were on the Atkins Diet who reported increased strength, better sleeping habits an abundance of energy. Their diet made them feel great as they ate more protein then carbs. This doesn™t work for everyone but for many a change in diet proved to be a bit of a miracle for them.

For some just having their lifestyle change by getting married or having a new baby can effect them. Let™s face it raising kids and turning your life upside down as the demands increase on you can cause major stress and depression. Over time it is compounded and can develop into a disorder such as GAD.


There are several different types of prescription medications that are available. Always make sure your doctor is informed about any problems or side effects you make have when taking the drugs. Sometimes he may lower or increase the dosage and often he or she might switch you to a new medication. There are several reasons for this including the addictive qualities of some meds and also the body after a time will not be as effected by the drug as it builds up an immunity to it where the drug becomes less effective.


Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can be treated several ways. Self help, where you study books that specialize on the disorder and learn to retrain your thought process. Medication and special support groups to help you control and overcome it. A cure is possible by tackling your fears head on, and with a support structure in place your odds are much higher to achieve this.

Anxiety generalized disorder in child

Children can suffer from this condition and can only count on you for support. It is very hard to see your child depressed, in pain, or even facing fear and worry. Learn as much as you can and help out by giving guidance and keeping your child involved in activities. If you have to use a doctor be sure they specialize in children. A doctor who is sensitive to a child™s feelings is a better choice for them to talk to.


Not as often but I have found that a seizure can occur when an attack happens. Each and everybody has certain symptoms that they may suffer from and hopefully this is not one of them. Seizures are very horrifying to say the least and can scare the crap out of everyone in the household.


Depending on the age of the youth you may have to try to control and handle the situation or illness differently. The younger they are the more you have to question them about their feelings. Hopefully they can express themselves and provide the communication you need to help them. Never be afraid to see a doctor, when it comes to your kids go the extra mile to insure they are happy and your doing everything possible for them. Lots of love and understanding is needed through the process till they are fully cured. For teens and older you really need to give them an easy way to talk to you and let them know their not alone. Get them books on anxiety or whatever disorder they have and let them be involved in treatment and control. Teenagers are already in the mindset to try and be their own person. When you allow them to seek information and learn about their illness it has an empowering effect.


I wish there was one guide that exactly will tell you what to do. Most books can give you really great direction to pursue your cure, be very informative, and suggest ways for you to lose that haunting condition. Everyone is different though and not all treatments and medications can resolve a persons problem. The information can help and will empower you to achieve a cure, but your will power and commitment are needed to achieve it.



Most frightening thing for someone to go through as fear has escalated to a point where the mind says enough and may have physical reactions as it shuts down or tries to fight the fear.


There are tests that are given out by specialists that will help better diagnose the anxiety type and problem. If your not sure what your suffering from then I suggest you take a test on anxieties, phobias, stress, and depression. A specialist can narrow it down faster and then point you towards a proper way to treat what ales you.

Physical symptom

Most typical problems are: Light headed, Upset stomach, Sleeping Disorders, weakness,
Reflux and stomach gas, possible nausea, and chest pains. These are just some of the most common physical symptoms I could find.


We all go through bouts of depression, feeling down, tired of aches, pains, and illnesses, or even lonely. Most anxieties can cause this and vice versa. Feeling low and not having the energy to be happy and get involved in life is a terrible thing to suffer from. If you can™t pick yourself up then get help as soon as possible. Being energetic and happy is how you should feel and life is too short not to enjoy it.


There are classes and different forms of therapy to aid you in controlling and curing your disorder condition. A specialist would probably set you up with some therapy visits or classes and a Psychologist maybe of aid to help find pat events that cause your illness and mental health.


It is very useful to read other sufferers articles and see that your not alone. People who have similar conditions to you can provide you with tips and tricks to getting better quicker. Information is key so read as much as you can when you can.

Weakness of the Mind

From time to time we all become susceptible to illness even mental illness. Just like a cold we often become vulnerable and the same is true with the mind. During a time of loss we may suffer loneliness which brings about depression. Stress from everyday life may creep up on us in amounts that are too much for us. The great thing about the mind is it can be taught, retrained, and learn to see problems as challenges.


There is always help around and support groups that will be there when you need them. Now they won™t come to you so if you need help you have to go to them. Ask for help, seek out, visit a doctor or even get a book and read as you provide yourself with self help.

Living and Coping

œPersonally I don™t want to live with an illness and cope with itœ. I want it cured and anything is possible if you want it bad enough. So shoot for the stars, aim high, and get your life back to where you want it.


Some people question the possibility of being cured and instead follow a path of control, living and coping with the disorder. Personally I think everyone™s ultimate goal is a cure. If you work hard and get yourself and your mind towards healing then you will be healed. The natural way is always the best way as the mind sometimes just needs to be trained to look at situations and problems differently.

Severe Anxiety

If your condition is to the point where you can™t function in society then chances are you have a form of severe anxiety or Depression. If this seems to fit you to a tee then get help from a doctor Pronto so you can find your happiness. For severe illness then you have to see a specialist because they can bring your life back to normal faster then you can.

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