The natural cure starts with the mind to achieve Anxiety Relief.

Healing Anxiety Naturally

Seems that by now a society that has advanced so far could find ways to heal without the use of dangerous drugs and medications. With the challenges of everyday life and the increase of levels of stress we deal with on a daily basis many of us are dealing with a new kind of illness. As common as the common cold were finding Anxiety starting to surface and populate not only adult populations but also children. The mind getting sick, confused, or just shutting down as it tries over and over again to find the place its looking for. This place, it's sanctuary, is a place that is very simplistic, uncomplicated and allows time for the mind to relax and take a breather. The mind can only handle so much stress, so much pain, and so much loneliness, or it is rather the mind telling you to change course  and slow down.

So what does this conversation have to do with Healing?

The point of this article is to inform you of the most simplest way to get you to better health. The cure is in recognizing what you really want and need in life to make you happy. The answer is so simple but over and over again you avoid being cured because your in a pattern of life and it just seems to hard to change. Listen to what your feelings tell you, what your mind stresses over, and take some time to find what you truly want. Happiness isn't a job, it's not having the big house and picket fence or fancy cars and clothing. Happiness is that feeling of positive energy you feel inside that makes you happy to be alive each morning. We all have  positive and negative energy and for most people a balance is met and happiness is discovered. For those who live in the negative are those who have forgotten the little things that brought them joy. Their eyes are open to find the bad, think the worst, and feel as if their lives just suck and nothing is going right. These people of anxieties and depression have suffered and now continue to suffer because their mind tries to protect them from imaginary pain and hurt. So to bust out of this life of misery one must accept that they are the cause of their own downfall, and only some retraining of thoughts will be able to pick them up out of their disorder.

How do I change the way I think?

Before you could learn how to walk you had to learn how to crawl. In doing so you safely learned the basics of balance and motion. Soon it was easy to crawl and you hungered to get to places faster and farther so you soon saw others who could walk and thought, "wow they move really quick"! After practicing over and over again the impossible task of walking was taught to your mind, legs, arms  and feet. But in reality it is the mind that controls everything including all the small details of motion. So if you want to make a change in the way your mind thinks then you have to be willing to train. How important is it for you to train will definitely reflect on how fast you can put your mind at ease and cure what has kept you down. We all forget how powerful our minds really are and often take our own abilities for granted.

Your Mind "The Super Computer"

Thoughts, decisions, communication, the ability to love and to hate, the list goes on and on. Your mind is more powerful then a super computer but in its basic form it still needs programming and input. If you often find yourself sitting around and watching TV and eating chips we can assume that several things will be programmed. First you will learn how to watch, feel and get emotionally involved in the program your watching. Even men who have stayed home long enough can fall into the daily soap opera syndrome. The next thing you will learn is to actually do less inside and outside the home as you are slowly teaching your mind and body to be lazy. Third, you will probably find you will start to eat abnormally and unhealthy which will lead to weight gain. Your mind needs to be stimulated but your body also needs to be stimulated. When your body becomes unhealthy it will drag your mind down with it. To be a healthy person both the mind and body must participate in events and not one or the other. With proper eating, exercise, and outdoor activity not only will you be healthier but happier too. In fact anxiety, stress and depression will have a harder time latching on to you when you are mentally and physically fit.

"So Naturally cure yourself by eating, exercising, and training your mind"

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