Manage your Teenagers Stress and help them avoid depression.

Management of Teen Stress and Anxiety


œMy  Child is suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety, HELP ME!

Well your not alone as all of these conditions and disorders are on the rise. We are now living in a society that is very demanding and our children have so many things they are constantly involved in. Parents have very little time to spend with their kids so what do we all do? We keep them busy by putting them in sports, getting them involved in multiple things and then having them help us at home because we are too busy at our jobs to get all the household chores done. Often what were doing is just complicating their lives and not actually spending quality family time with them. Sometimes we even look the other way to give them space even though they are showing Teenage Depression Symptoms.

To manage teen stress you have to actually be there for them. Start writing a list of things that they normally do each month and make sure you write in all the details including if they talk on the phone to someone often. Before you start making changes you must understand what they go through to get a better picture of why they have become stressed out or depressed.

Often a child is calling out for family time but by the way they act you would never even think about it. They might disrespect you, talk back, or maybe get in trouble at school often. It maybe a good idea to put a list together of things that you have done with your child for the month. If you do many things together then chances are that something external is affecting their behavior and feelings. At this point it is best to start talking to them and try to get them to open up so you can help them cure their anxiety, stress or disorder.

Curing their stress

It may or may not be possible to cure their stress but you can easily manage it. When you make an effort to become part of your teens life they will drastically improve their attitude, mental health and grades. Your life should not be so busy that you keep pushing them to the side. Throw the ball with your son, help your kids with their homework, tell your daughter how wonderful she is, and spend a day with her and do something that she likes. You see the key to managing stress is to become part of their life and get involved. It can be as simple as you want or as complicated as you want to make it. Either way you just have to do it or your child™s problem will grow and grow and their future will be filled with anxiety, heartburn and stress.

Teen and Stress Depression is on the rise

We are all busy as the work place and society have made our lives so very complicated. With the increase in teen stress and teen depression has come an ever increasing problem with violence at school and in the home. The choice is yours so do the right thing and become a family once again by spending time together. If you™re a single parent then get somebody to help give your child quality time and when your days off come up then spend them with your child. They need and miss you and really don™t understand the concept of bills and paying them. So even though you understand how important that paycheck is, you better understand how important your family and children are. If your job takes you away from them to often then get another job. Life is too short to spend it working all the time and before you know it your kids will be gone and starting their life away from you. Cherish the moments and spend time making sure those moments are often.

Signs of Depression are normally easily seen as your child will become someone that just does not seem like your child at all. One day they are happy go lucky and then they are hiding in their room, sleeping all day, and just not motivated to do anything. When your teen is suffering it is very hard as a parent to do anything about it. To leave them alone though may cause them more harm. Try and keep them busy, get them into sports or a hobby, do anything you can to keep them busy and occupied.

Anxiety in Teenager

Anxiety is something that should be taken very seriously. It's one thing for your teenager to suffer from too much stress but then when it develops into an anxiety disorder condition then you really have to start worrying. Teen anxiety can cause depression, bad grades, illness, suicidal thoughts, violence, and can suck the fun right out of their life. I'm sure that you want to see your child happy so if an anxiety has developed then either become involved or seek help from a professional. If their condition seems to be getting worse and you don't know what to do then seek a professional as soon as possible. These mental health issues have a tendency to grow and expand when not addressed so please take them very serious. You may think your teen is not capable of Suicid but you would be wrong. Depression can hit anyone like a ton of bricks and make them feel life is not worth living.


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