Treatment For your Pets conditions and Mental Health

Pet Anxiety Treatment

When you've noticed a change in your pets behavior it is important to recognize the symptoms they are showing you.Without diagnosing your pets mental health they will go on suffering as we do when we face depression and stress.

Chronic Anxiety in your pet can cause them to be Depressed, Run Away, Bite, but most of all to suffer as their physical and emotional health will be tried.

Phobias and Anxieties in pets :

 Loud Noises -
 Such as thunder, fireworks, clapping, yelling and even the  TV up too high.

 Strangers at your door -
 Post man, other children or adults.

 New Baby in the House-
 Very dangerous as the dog may act out against the  baby.
 Jealiousy can also cause this to happen.

 Another Animal-
 Pets dont always take kindly to other animals brought into or around the home.
 Your Behavior and Schedule- 
 Working longer hours, dating, changing their feed times,if your stressed or depressed, etc..

Pet Reactions :

 Barking, growling, laying down, hiding, running away,hissing, scratching,chewing inappropriate objects, pottying in house, pottying on people,biting,pacing,excessive licking,urinating or deficating in home,

Does my Pet have an Anxiety?


I'll be home soon

This is a Booklet that will help you and your dog fiure out if it is just an anxiety causing the problem or just a change of bad behavior needed. Dogs that have separation problems can act out in many ways causing grief within any household. Written by Patricia McConnell, it will describe to you how to change the way your pets act or react to help prevent problems with separation.

Only you can tell as you live with your pet and see how they normally act. It is changes in the environment that often effect your pet in a negative way. Changes in diet can also cause a problem so try to keep them on the same food. Pay particular attention any time you move, bring a baby into the house, have friends over and etc..

Do certain Dogs and Animals get Anxiety Disorders easier?

Yes, as certain breeds are not good with kids or even being shared by a second adult. When getting a pet it is very wise to ask about the traits of that pet and see if it is more of a perfect fit for your family. Many of the Genetic Traits are carried through Breeding such as that of a Pit Bull. Now with that said it does it mean that a pitbull will bite people? No, but as caution it is my opinion not to have an animal around that could possibly do damage to you or your children.

Diagnosing Anxiety Symptom in Dog or Pet

Ask Your vet and describe the symptoms. He or she can evaluate your pets behavior and diagnose them properly. A simple change of environment or prescribing Medication may help them to be happy again.

It could also be that they don't have a mental Health problem or an anxiety. You maybe seeing symptoms of a physical health problem so proper diagnosing is very important. The Veternarian will run tests to rule out problems that are affecting your Pets health such as Heart Conditions, Bladder Conditions,Arthritis and etc..

Curing and Treating Anxiety Symptom in Dog or Pet

See what they See (Domestic Stress)- Look at their environment and see if it has changed in any way. Even look at the way your family is at this time. Is there fighting or arguing? Did school start and theres less people in the house? Did you or your mate get a new job or have your work hours changed? Are you dating someone new?As you see there is alot of things to consider and your pet is more then an object, it is a emotional member of the family.
 Give your pet extra love and attention- when introducing a new change to the environment or houshold you all live in.
 Feed your Pet on a Regular Schedule- a fed pet is a happy pet. When pets  are left to be hungry they can have a chemical imbalance.
 Walk your Pet- When is the last time you took your pet anywhere. I find  it funny that people can call a pet a member of the family and then  leave their pet behind everytime they go on vacation. It is true you  cant take pets everywhere but it is also true you can plan better so  your pet can go.
 Talk to your dog everyday- your voice is golden and when you get home  from work you can see it as you talk to your pet. They wag their tale,  shake all over, and are just so happy to see and hear you.This should  not be the only time you talk to them. Try and talk to them atleast 10  times a day.
 Hug Them- People need hugs and so do pets. When is the last time you  hugged your pet?

Medicating Your Pet

 Depending on your pet they maybe on medication for a short time or possibly the rest of their life. Just like people it maybe required your pet be on Long Term Anxiety Medication. Not every condition or disorder is cureable but most are certainly maintainable. Your Vet will be able to give you better insight about how long they will be on medication and of course tell you about the different types available for your pet.


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