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Does your Dog have a Pet Anxiety?


Their Separation Anxiety is their way of expressing how much they miss you and how bored they are without you. Your pet has been accustomed to you treating it as a part of the family and when you have a pet that has to be locked in the house all day they often become lonely or bored. Think about how you would be if your mate would vanish for hours at a time and you stayed home with nothing to do but eat and sleep. You would definitely develop an anxiety over time and would look forward to when your mate got home."If you could only teach your pet how to cook, clean and do laundry". That would help them in a big way but it is not possible of course.

Signs of Pet Stress And Anxieties

"Your pet will show signs of their stress and anxiety". They are not shy when it comes to letting you know they are not happy or when they become upset.

Your pet will do something they usually don't do such as:

More on DOG Separation

Dog Chewing Furniture -

Stop dog chewing as soon as possible. Just because they are upset doesn't mean you let this go. If your dog or cat is chewing things they don't need to then buy them some chew toys and try to get them to take theirn aggression out on the toy instead of your furniture. Also remember a dog or puppy who chews has a short term memory so punish them when you catch them in the act. Tey to take their focus off being alone and you may even consider getting another pet to keep them company. If its at all possible have them put outside when your gone but give them several play toys and chew toys to keep them busy. If they chew Items such as clothing or shoes that has your scent on it then I would definetly have to say your pet is having a separation anxiety. If they chew only when your gone this points to them crying out for attention and mad because your leaving them. You are their family, their herd, their leader, and they want and need you all the time. Try and make sure your pet is loved but try not to smother them to the point they want and need to be smothered.

Dog Barking Problem -

Your dog or puppy may bark and wine to the point it drives you and your neighbors crazy. It is hard to teach a dog how to stop barking but one thing you can do is to buy a Dog Barking Alarm. It is very important for you to stop your barking dog or else you may have to get rid of your dog or irritating pet. A pet is to help give you compfort and frienship and not to annoy you and everyone else that lives close to you.

This book will help to train your dog from disturbing your sleep and causing problems with your neighbors. Many dogs often bark for many different reasons, but barking at everything can drive anybody nuts after several hours of barking and howling. You will find this book to offer some help and assistance on training your pooch.

Digging -

If your pet likes to dig or if you have a digging dog this may or may not be an anxiety. Have they always been digging holes or did something recently trigger their behavior? Notice the patterns that your pet has and you will learn when they are acting out. When you do this you will find your pets anxiety trigger. After finding out what triggers your pets anxiety then and only then can you help fix the situation.

Indoor Dog Potty -

 If your dog takes on a habit of pottying while you are away then you should know he or she is letting you know they are unhappy with you especially if they normally won't when you are home. Now if your pet has done it since they were young then its just a bad habit. If it started recently and maybe your schedule has changed then maybe this is the anxiety trigger causing your pet to do it's business on your carpet or floor.

Now these conditions of pet anxiety are only an Anxiety when they are left alone or seeking attention you won't give them." Or if they lost another pet or toy that had been in the household and now is gone".  Kennel Training   The more Time you spend with your pet The more likely they will suffer from a separation anxiety when you leave.

It is especially true if you let your pet sleep with you at night. One of the best ways to train your pet is to give it it's own place to sleep where it finds compfort. Train your puppy or dog by having them sleep in a kennel of appropriate size or a very small bathroom if you cant afford to by a kennel. Make sure the kennel is big enough to sleep in but not to big to allow them to poop and sleep in the kennel compfortable. Your pet will hold it in and it is a good way to make sure not only do they not poop in your home they will not be able to chew anything up either. Be sure to give them a toy or stuffed animal to entertain them while you are gone. Personally it does seem cruel to keep a dog in a kennel but you have to choose what is best for you and your pet not just what is best for your pet.

Dog Obedience Training

Sometimes it is better to train your dog instead of yelling at your dog and leaving him confused. Without proper training you may be just helping your dog to develop an anxiety or condition. The fact is over 90 percent or more pet owners never buy a book or even put the effort into training their new family member. Most puppies in the pound are not "Bad Pets" but rather victims placed there by "Bad Owners". This DVD is instructed by a professional who will teach you how to train your pet with a gentle and effective hand in easy to follow steps and lessons.



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