Obam accused, Clintons unfair accusations, Dirty Pool as usual.

Obama and Clinton are Head to Head

"When it comes to politics it seems that dirty pool politics always comes out when you least expect it".

I was very sorry to see the Presidential hopeful Hilliary Rodham Clinton slinging mud at Her counterpart Democratic "Barack Obama". 

I was ready to make the switch this Voting round from a Republican to a Democrat just to gamble on the new deal. I really thought I would see two talented people debate Politics instead of attack each other.

The Presidential Hopeful to me is the puppet who will be able to reach over the table and work with the other party.  It is getting clearer and clearer that John McCain is the only one in the three that has a record of doing so. I am so tired of political games and a country that is lead by a bunch of old religious farts that tie up the senate and the house and get paid very well for getting nothing substantial accomplished.

What is your political choice? 

If you thought it through and came up with a candidate take another look. Try to envision how your candidate will successfully reach across the table to the other side and get things done. If you have a hard time doing that then i suggest you take another look and choose again. The GOP nomination will most certainly be taken by John McCain but the democratic race is turning into a real "Superbowl".

I can see how anyone can develop a political anxiety or suffer from voter Stress as we seem to be given the choices instead of electing the choices. In this wonderful country of the USA you would think that a middle class person could be in one of the races. You know someone who actually works very hard for a living, pays the brunt of the countries Tax burden, and who knows that when you borrow too much money sooner or later you will suffer.

Victory will most certainly happen but in the end it will be a party victory and not one for the American People. Lets face it, "Politics as Usual" will still be after the Election "Politics as Usual"!

The one positive thing I have seen is young Voters getting involved. The number of voters has substantially increased and I'm finding myself proud of the young people I use to think was a lost cause. Maybe with the War in Iraq, the ever increasing job losses, and all the bullshit that has gone on in Washington by both parties they are finally ready to Vote and say, "Enough is Enough"!

Clinton claimed victory in Ohio, and told cheering supporters, "We're going on, we're going strong and we're going all the way." This reminds me of something Bill would say to one of his lady friends.

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