Questions and answers on Anxiety and Stress

 Questions on Anxiety and Stress

What does a teen stress test show?  

 A stress test for a teenager basically identifies several things about how a teen handles certain situations under pressure. It also shows what things may more likely cause stress or fatigue in your child. As far as I am concerned a test is usually not needed in most cases because you as a parent are already aware of the frustrations your child is dealing with. Several things you should have noticed are either signs of extreme emotions which may be on the sad or angry side, or maybe your teen has alienated themselves and are leaning towards depression. Good communication with your child will uncover many of the problems that they face each day or that are constantly troubling them. So always try to talk to your teen or child each day and ask them some of the basic questions such as:
How was school today?
How did your day go?
Are you having trouble in any of your classes?
Did you get to talk to any of your friends today?

One of the biggest things you should learn as a parent is communication and the second thing is to know your child and be able to read them just by looking at them. Often your child will show signs from fatigue or stress and it is at this point you should sit down with them and be involved and concerned about what™s going on at school. It can be something as simple as a bad grade to as complicated as teenage love.. Your job as a parent is to be able to take it head on and in doing so you will show your child how much you love them.

How to cure anxiety attacks?  

 An anxiety can be healed or cured through reading and knowledge of how it actually occurs. This is not for every case but most cases an individual can recognize the triggers which cause stress and anxiety and be able to eliminate them by means of a little mental training. Anxiety books offer many tips on avoiding stressful situations and some of the best ways to handle anxieties without the use of medications. I call it the natural cure because you train your mind to not be stresses out and you look at circumstances you may face in a different light allowing you to adjust before an attack can even occur.

Is my anxiety disorder very bad?  

Well all anxieties are not good but as far as your anxiety it all depends on how it effects your overall life. If you have an anxiety that keeps coming back over and over again causing you to be ill or feel ill then I would say not only is it bad, it is also a serious condition. Many of the symptoms from disorders and attacks can lead to other medical problems. These problems can cause physical and emotional conditions which you should try to avoid. Some people may feel like their having a heart attack and others may get depressed and so on... The list of symptoms that can happen is very long and different for allot of people. So if your anxiety disorder greatly effects your life then it is truly bad and needs to be dealt with right away.

How do I cure my sexual anxiety? 

Well that can be done several ways and is not a simple thing to do. If you have a high sexual drive then you have to find a way to either relieve yourself or start a hobby. It is not necessary to have sex to be happy. So if you can train your mind to enjoy other things and get involved in something else you feel passionate about you will eventually not put so much thought to sex. The other way is to take care of yourself through your own masturbation. Now you and other people may not want to hear that word but its is a natural thing to do. You will also find it relieves the sexual tension fairly quick. So instead of avoiding it, learn to do it and find some relief. There are toys, books, and magazines that can be used as an aid for you to achieve sexual satisfaction. Personally I think it best for you to learn to not put so much clout into sex and put more into living and enjoying your life. One of the things that makes love so special and not repetitious is the fact it is not done each and every day.

Does curing an anxiety take long? 

It really depends on your anxiety and how long you have had it for. Some anxieties develop over years and some develop over night. The longer an anxiety has been active usually the longer it takes to cure or retrain the mind. As an example a child may lose one of their parents, or maybe the parents get into a bad divorce. Depending on when the dust settles and age of the children it maybe hard for them to cope and can take months to years to get over it. That is of course if you do nothing to help them get over it. Usually if you take a proactive stance against stress, anxieties and disorders they can be cured fairly shortly. The longer you wait to retrain your or their mind and thought process the harder it will be on them and the more long term effects will be felt.

How do I heal my status anxiety?

Teach yourself not to rely on power, prestige, and control. Your life would be so much better if you looked at people and saw other people as equals. Yes people have different jobs and duties but in the end we are all working together to get the job and have a wonderful and happy life. I personally would rather be happy and poor then unhappy and unsatisfied with where I am in life. Yes it is great to have goals and things you want to achieve but they should be achieved for noble reasons and not that out of money, power or greed. Over the years I have lost several relationships with wonderful women because of my need to succeed. My desires no matter how much more money I made were never satisfied and I still found myself broke at the end of the month. Honestly I was happier when I was younger making half as much and living life like it was precious instead of taking the time we have on this planet and the people around me for granted.

Is there a phobia of not being loved? 

 Yes, many people think they will never find love and yet they greatly long for it and develop anxieties and disorders because of their need to feel loved. The human psyche needs these wonderful feelings and the weird part is there are many of us who want love so bad yet we are so picky about physical appearance. There are so many lonely people out there needing each other and still they judge one another constantly and eliminate so many wonderful choices. The love phobia tends to make individuals hop from one partner to another always doubting the love they have is true. It also causes us to avoid falling in love and the mirror of it is to pretend you are in love. Many couples together today may not be in love at all and they may even dislike each other but they stay together just because they are afraid they will not find a companion and a love.

Is being a Clean freak a disorder?

Not only is it a disorder it can be one of the funniest and most annoying disorders there is. They often seek perfection and even when they visit other people they will find it hard not to start straightening up someone else™s house when visiting. We all live different lives and some people are cleaner and more organized then others. When you put cleaning in front of having fun and spending time with the ones you love then you definitely have a disorder. Usually when people say you are a clean freak it usually means you are not the norm. So keep it clean but just don't let it bother you to go out and have fun and save the cleaning for later.

When will my anxiety of losing love go away?

With time and patience you will find you may love him or her still but you will move on. Losing a loved one is very painful and there is no certain time I can tell you as we all handle loss differently. There are ways to help you get over your loss quicker by getting involved in other activities and with other people. You may want to take on a hobby or a sport just to get your mind off of your loss and try and build new friendships. Friends can definitely help you get over your loss quicker as they communicate with you and bring you more into positive territory.

Can anxiety attacks be caused by relationships?

There are many things that a relationship brings and that even includes the good , bad, and ugly. What is it in your relationship that is the trigger to your anxiety attack? This is one of the first questions you must ask yourself and discuss with your partner. It maybe your partner or their children that causes your attacks and if it is not dealt with early on there will be no way you can live together in harmony. For a relationship to last it is best to be able to adjust to any circumstance or conditions that arise. If all of your attempts have failed to keep the negative trigger from causing your anxiety attacks then I would say your relationship has no chance to continue. Don't give up without trying to over come your problems. If you really love him or her then you should try everything possible before throwing in the towel.

What is an adjustment reaction?

An adjustment reaction is when you train yourself to act differently when you have a negative trigger happen. It can also be the way your mind reacts to a problem it has a hard time dealing with. You can train yourself when you are getting angry to count to ten before acting. What you are doing is adjusting and reacting but only after you give yourself a time out. So instead of yelling at those crazy kids of yours and losing it you handle the situation better because you have changed your normal response. Over time you will do this without thought and automatically.

What is best to take for anxiety?

If you don't have to take meds then that is best. Medication can alter your personality and cause unwanted side effects and possible long term health conditions. So if you don't need medication then read and study books on Anxiety and dealing with anxieties and disorders. There is even a tape based course that can train you to deal with your condition. If you look at the home page you will find it and it is a wonderful way to help cure your anxiety.   

How do I handle an anxiety attack from my teen? 

"With kids gloves", be understanding and helpful and stay calm or at least appear to be. Your child needs you to help calm them down and let them know you understand and love them. When they have an attack then help them understand it and try to remove the fear they may have. Yelling at them will only add to the fear and confusion so act and talk as calmly as possible until their attack is over. You may want to talk to a doctor who specializes on there condition. He will hopefully point you in the right direction and help you to decide if counseling, medication or both is needed.

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