Reaction disorders causing anxiety and symptoms

Reaction disorders and anxiety

"When someone suffers something stressful in their life or something very traumatic they may develop a reaction disorder."

Acute stress reaction

After a stressful occurence symptoms can show up quicly or take even days or weeks before they surface. This reaction or type of acute reaction will often happen shortly after a life crisis, death or witnessing something horrifying. The person usually doesnt relaize they have a disorder the only thing they know is their suffering from one of the symptoms associated with an anxiety attack. It is amazing how the mind can be affected and how unique it tries to cope with events in each individual. Some go on through life with never having a disorder while others are traumatized the rest of their life from anxieties and stress from what had happened.

Adjustment reaction

Like acute stress reaction, an adjustment reaction can take some time to develop taking days and even weeks before it comes about and shows any signs of symptoms. The good part is that in most of these reactions you will find out that they are short lived and the patient or person suffering will recover with time. Some of the things that can cause an adjustment reaction can be if your child had gone off to college and now your faced with them not being there. You may get stressed out and depressed and have the fear of being alone or the fear that your child may get hurt. With time comes the healing and when theres no bad news and your child seems to be doing great then this reaction will ease and you can adjust to your new conditions. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Traumatic events,accidents, witnessing a murder or someone dying in front of your eyes can cause this condition or Anxiety. This disorder can and usually is acute and can come and go as it is replayed in your mind or the subject persons mind over and over again. Bad dreams most certainly happen as does depression and the fear of being alone. Flashbacks and memories surface over and over again and the person becomes fearful, terrorized and stressed out as they relive the frightening event. Many soldiers face PTSD or Post traumatic stress disorder after they have been to battle and witnessed horrifying deaths. PTSD doesnt usually go away over time and needs to be treated usually by a psycologist or a doctor who specializes in this condition. Unfortunately this may be one of the worst disorders there are in my opinion and the hardest to cure and control. Often a person may seem depressed or angry and can be easily irritable with the possibility of any of the symptoms associated with all of the anxiety disorders. Mentally and physically they can be and usually are affected.

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