Managing and Dealing with Stress at Work

 Reduce Stress at Work

Since work tends to be one of the places we spend the majority of our time it seems that the work environment should be enjoyable and anxiety and stress free, œDoesn™t it?

Now there are many things at work that you might find to cause you discomfort. It maybe a specific duty your in charge of, A Boss, or maybe even another coworker. We all look for something or someone to blame but in the majority of cases we should look no further then ourselves. If you can learn to control your thoughts and stay positive and appreciative for everyday you are blessed to wake up and have another opportunity at life then you should certainly be able to find that positive and happy self you keep hiding away.

Most common causes of stress and Anxiety at the work place.

Often it is our own negatives that causes the conflicts and stress to somehow hang over us like a rain cloud ready to pour down just like the cartoon character Eeyore. When your attitude is aggressive, depressing, or uneasy then people around you sense it and act accordingly. You may have noticed  at least one or two employees in the office whom always seem to be so dang happy and bubbly. Often they are liked by most in the office and you may wonder how they can stay so happy all of the time. The fact is that they have learned to be appreciative and in doing so the negatives are just small challenges in their lives. They often walk around things that cause grief or just keep smiling with the understanding that nothing can ruin their day.

If you find this topic interest you then read more about Job Stress Anxiety and how you maybe able to change it and your working conditions.

Being a Positive Person and Helping Others

That™s how I go through life no matter what™s dished out I still wear my smile and still feel blessed with life™s challenges. Nothing can bring me down and no one can cause me to have a bad day. In fact I find it quite interesting on how it bothers people when I seem so happy. Sometimes they even attempt to bring me down or target me but I just keep my positive attitude. See I understand that what some see as negatives are more of a challenge. An example is the person in the office that just dislikes me. Yet I say hi and treat them as if were good friends, and after awhile that™s what happens. The positive I shine out is slowly learned by them, craved and wanted. Positive people tend to have people surround them, care for them and help them in times of need. The more helpful and positive you are, the more that stress is eliminated from your work place.

Stressing over Money and Raises?

If it™s money your stressing about then get a new job. The easiest way to get a raise is to seek employment elsewhere. If its happiness your looking for then help to create that environment at work. Think of others first and soon they will be thinking of you. It™s amazing how far a little bit of joy and kindness can go in improving your workplace.

Work as a Team and Succeed!

Don™t compete with fellow employees instead create bonds and work as a team to help elliminate work stress and build a team. Your overall goal should be to help grow your company. Being selfish often does the opposite and not only hurts you in the long run but also your company and employee environment. If you ever met someone who has truly went out of their way to help you then you would honestly understand this concept. When someone helps you like that you find yourself wanting to help them and in many cases their small act will pay back ten fold on them.

So take my advice and work as a team by putting your team first.

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