Mans best friend and dog separation anxiety and Depression

Separation Anxiety in Dog



I'll be home soon

This is a Booklet that will help you and your dog fiure out if it is just an anxiety causing the problem or just a change of bad behavior needed. Dogs that have separation problems can act out in many ways causing grief within any household. Written by Patricia McConnell, it will describe to you how to change the way your pets act or react to help prevent problems with separation.

"When I leave my dog in the morning He tares everything up in the house"

Sometimes a Dog becomes so attached to his owner that they can't cope with the fact that you leave them for the day. They get angry,depressed, lonely, and sometimes they will not eat right or even at all. Dogs often have a way of talking to you when they become upset and it could even be in the form of leaving you a present on your nice clean carpet. Dogs often have their ways of letting you know their not happy, but what can you do?

Crate training

It may sound cruel to keep a dog in a crate but in all honesty it becomes almost like a security blanket to them. If you decide to crate train your dog then you better be patient because it could take several weeks for them to get use to it. A good thing to do is to have a toy or stuffed animal for them that they can only have when their in the crate. This will help them feel as if they have a special time when their in the crate and will make it easier to adjust. Stuffed animals and toys often become something they like to hold or cuddle especially if you've rubbed your scent  all over it. Rubbing the toy or stuffed animal on your body may even prevent them from chewing it up. If you have a hard time getting them to go in then try doing it slowly by putting a toy in there each day but take it away from them if they bring it out of the crate. Also once they have gone in the crate for the first time give them a treat or biscuit and let them know they are a good dog. Don't ever yell at them otherwise they will think the crate caused you to get mad.

Depression in dog

Why is my dog depressed when I leave? Your dog has no idea when your coming back and because they see you as the dominant leader they become very lonely and lost with you. Your dog and most dogs build a bond very easily and quickly to their owners and being alone is sometimes very hard for them. Often what is needed is a couple of special toys or maybe the possibility of another pet to keep them company. Some suggestions to get your dog out of their depression: Leave the TV or radio on, get them a toy, get them another playmate, put them in the yard to play, get them a big bone to chew on, take them for more walks when you get home.

We can't always be there for our pets especially when we work but with a little extra care and thought we can make their lives better and happier.

Symptoms of Depression

  • Not Eating
  • Eating everything including the furniture
  • Crying and wining all day long
  • No energy
Your dog is your best friend, a family member, and very loyal and loving. Take the time to show them you appreciate them by spending more time with them whenever possible. Many of us like the thought of a dog but wind up being to busy for them. Treat them like you would treat your own children, better yet, treat them like they would treat you.

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