Status Anxiety what is it and its disorder condition.

What is status anxiety?

Can you imagine worrying about your position in todays society so much that you get sick from it by all the accumulated stress and anxieties. 

"To constantly be thinking about if your climbing the ladder fats enough, faster then others, or if maybe your stuck in limbo and its making you nauseous. Most people have their worries but usually they get over it. They accept where they are and keep plugging away while some have a Status Anxiety and constantly reflect on themselves and their achievements as not good enough".

More on Status Anxiety Disorder to aid you in getting a better picture of the disorder and condition.

"Don't worry about how other people see you, worry about how you see yourself", and learn to live life. Below you will read how dreadful life can be if you cant just breathe in and enjoy everyday that your given.

Often the person with the Status Disorder sees themselves as a loser and only tastes brief victories before feeling not good enough, not high enough, and not being satisfied with whatever success they have achieved. Their Anxiety Disorders can lead to depression and social disorders. Think about never being satisfied and always coming in behind someone else and never taking the sweet victory dance that you would deserve from achievements you have earned. Status Anxiety is not a new disorder as you will find out their is a history to Status and Anxieties.

To be so focussed on ones status instead of savoring whatever life and position you have in the community. 

Lets take " Competing with the Jones, a never ending battle of neighbors trying to be better then one another and always needing to feel and require the recognition from achieving that. To attain recognition in a never ending battle of competition in a neighborhood and community to the point it runs your life and is kept constant and fresh in your mind, "can hamper your quality of life".

Have you ever seen a poor couple and their kids, someone making way less money, living on barely nothing but yet they seem to be so happy and busy in life with no disorders present. Carefree and content not worried a bit what others may think of them and just having a grand old time having little or no worry about how much stuff they have or even some silly title they carry around in the community or society as a whole. Can you picture yourself with less of a standing and yet having a better life? If you live from pay check to pay check, have bills from a house or vehicle you probably shouldn't have do to the monthly payments then you may have a Status Disorder.

Yes it seems like the more you have the more favorable you are looked at. I cant deny this occurrence but I can tell you that a persons character, values, and integrity go a whole lot further then ones position that is merely judged on "stuff, and on position in a company. Yes if you get promoted and you become the big boss or supervisor you are automatically looked up to but this doesn't mean the feelings of the employees underneath you reflect how they truly feel about you. It is better to be the big boss because of your values and ability to help not only the company succeed but also the co-workers below you. Do you really want people to look at you just because you have a higher ranking and status then them? Or is it important to you to be seen as equal and part on a team where all parts of the team are as important and all employees of the team are equally as important as you are.

Status Anxiety worries can come from are lack of confidence in ourselves which causes the disorder in the first place. 

The Disorder always seems to leave you with the feeling that you need to have a title to raise you up and be accepted and admired by others. People who put to much value in status tend to rely heavily on respect and power and therefore develop the disorder which seems to grow out of control. A "Doctor", one who would get mad if you called him by his first name instead of using his title is a good example of someone who puts too much value in his status. He wants respect, power, to be above the patient and not be considered as an equal. I'm not saying all Doctors are this way bu have seen within the medical community how many Doctors take their title and status a little too far. Yes he may have gone to school for many years, yes he may make more then most, but he is no better then the ditch digger who works his butt off and takes care and provides for his family.

Another good Example of people who may have a Status Disorder or  Anxiety would be people in the movie industry. 

Actors and Actresses who think they are above the law, think they are better then us common folk and tend to get away with crimes without doing any hard time. Now again I don't put all who work in the industry into this group nor do I blame them for their condition. Personally I enjoy movies but when it comes to seeing a famous actor or actress in public I just smile and go about my business. They are just people with a different career choice then mine and I don't put them on a pedestal. Why should I? Why are they so important to mankind that they need to be held up high above everyone else almost to the point of worshiping them? We all are important, we all have one life to live and we all are a part and necessary piece to our society.

Don't be caught in a Status Anxiety accept who you are

You can accept who you are, not worry about how others see you and live a much happier life in doing so. Find out what truly is important in your life and stop focusing on what really does not matter, "Status". You have a chance to live your life and then you will die. I think instead of status one should be remembered for how they lived life, how they loved those who were in their life, how generous they were to strangers and how they never tried to jump into the limelight but did kind things from their heart and not for a photo - op. We all have allot to learn about living life and being the best person we can be, but only the best at considering others first and then ourselves.

"I would rather wash the feet of a poor homeless man then pay a homeless man to wash my feet."

You can Cure Anxiety you just have to change the way you look at yourself and how you look at others. You have one life to live and wouldn't you rather do it happy no matter what your status in life is? Being happy and enjoying life should be your main goal and if you think money and power will achieve that you are so very wrong and misguided.


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