Anxiety Disorder Symptoms Awareness and Diagnosing


Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

 Symptoms you may have when having an
"Anxiety Attack or Panic Attack".

It is important when trying to self diagnose to look at all the Anxiety disorder symptoms.  Make sure you take into consideration that a Doctor or physician maybe better able to diagnose your condition. However it is extremely important that you gain knowledge about your anxiety attack disorder to enable you to be aware of your condition and all the symptoms an anxiety can cause. If the disorder is in your teen or child it is extremely important to learn as much as possible about teen stress and other teen related disorders. Awareness and diagnosing is one of the first things needed before a cure can be sought after and found.

Sign and Symptom of an Anxiety Disorder- Look at some of the symptoms below and if you have to create a list of some of the most common symptoms you or your loved ones face on a daily basis then do so. Keeping a written record will help aid you to best combat any anxiety that may come about.

If It is your Teen or Child having an Anxiety you may want to check out the article that is written more about a Teen or young Child. If you are trying to get to the root cause of your childs stress or anxiety then take a look at Anxiety Teen Cause. If your just trying to find out what other symptoms they may have then look at Teen and Child Symptoms.

01)Heavy and out of control Breathing

It's hard to breathe as you feel your gasping for air with your lungs not satisfied by the amount of air your taking in. Your quickly trying to almost in a panic to breathe quicker. Many people face this symptom with their anxiety and disorders.

02)Smothering or shortness of breath

Quick short breathes usually very rapid as panic and feeling of being out of control sets in.

03)Feeling of not being able to breathe in enough air

Satisfaction for proper breathing is not achieved as your feeling unable to breathe correctly. Often this causes the quick short breathes.

04)Rapid heart beat, pounding in chest, possible chest pains

You feel your heartbeat throughout your chest as if it is trying to jump out. Some people think their having a heart attack as the pain feels real and can be very frightening. You may also feel in your neck and other vessels the quick fast pumping of blood.

05)palpitations or heart feeling as if it is not beating correctly

Sometimes skipping a beat or off rhythm the heart seems to jump or even skip a beat. Some people may feel a short pause in beating and it is very frightening. Anytime this happens it is a good idea to get checked out by your doctor or ER room. In most cases there is no major problem or ill lasting effect.Try to relax and slow your breathing as you breathe very deep and long.

06)Sweating and feeling clammy

Skin will feel cold and clammy and cool to a breeze. Usually you will look a little pale and may feel a bit green. Hands and palms maybe sticky and heavy sweating usually follows almost as with fever.

07)Indigestion and stomach gas with possible reflux

Some people get sick to their stomaches and the acid build up can cause gas, reflux, and a burning sensation in throat. Often harsh pains can be felt from this in upper chest area which is caused by gas.

08)Shaking out of control

The body loses control as the mind shuts down certain controls to face the fear or hide from it. This is the way it decided to cope with the assumed threat leaving the body to shake and tremble without control.

It is very frightening to go through and for others who witness this when it occurs.

09)Nausea, turning green in feeling with skin pale like

This goes along with that clammy feeling and usually it doesn't last but several minutes before it ceases. No long term affects to worry about and is not that frightening.

10)abdominal pains and queasiness

Ah the magic of stomach gas and the pains it can cause. Makes you feel sick and can almost feel as if your having a heart attack.

11)Dizzy feeling like ready to pass out

Light headed and feeling of losing your balance. You feel as if your going to pass out and some people do. Again the mind deals with situations different ways as it shuts down and almost like reboots it again shortly after. This can last seconds to even several minutes.

12)Light headed and the Feeling your not yourself(unreal)

Weird feeling almost as if your leaving your body with no control in some cases. You may feel like you are about to pass out.

13)Immediate need for urination or defecation

Not as common but common enough to mention. Some people lose control of these functions and may have to urinate right away.

14)Having the feeling and fear of losing it (losing Control)

For people who have been through a panic attack before they maybe feeling as if ones coming on. Just the thought and fear of it may actually make the attack occur.

15)Possible emotional out bursts and frustrations

Screaming, yelling and outbursts as the anxiety attack or panic attack happens. There maybe bad words yelled out or even things that don't make any sense at all.


Anxiety Patient Advocate

Anxiety Books that Help

This book was designed from the patients view and offers insight to whats working for them. It helps as the objective opinion is that of someone suffering from the same or similar condition that you have. The patients in this book go over some of the most medical problems that they have including terminology.

Hundreds of questions and answers, opinions come directly from those who suffer from anxiety. See how people just like you have approached their condition and learned better methods for controlling and curing their anxieties. For many of us the Technical words themselves from Doctors can leave us confused. This book sheds some light and speaks on a level that is understandable. It is a 154 page book that will open your eyes to your condition, understanding, and give you direction to tackling your anxieties.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Books on Anxiety can help you so please take up a good reading habbit to help yourself or to help the ones you love. Knowledge is power, so as soon as you know all you can then and only then will you be able to understand anxieties, stress and depression, and how to manage and cure the Mental Health Concern.

Not everyone who has anxiety conditions suffer from attacks but those who do can face attacks that can affect their abilities and leave them in a very emotional state and helpless as if paralyzed. Anxiety Attacks come about by triggers and usually when the trigger is dicovered most attacks can be avoided and possibly even cured.

If your suffering from Anxiety Attacks or conditions you may want to start taking notes that are very detailed about how you feel, what happened to cause the attack, and be sure to put it all down into a personal journal, When you atart following and tracking your anxiety symptoms and discovering the triggers that cause your attacks you will empower yourself to make a difference and cure those fears, phobias, and conditions that have left you powerless.

You may have Mild Anxiety Attack Symptoms such as shortness of breathe, feelings of being overwhemed, or just weak and need to sit down and relax. Many people suffer from these more mild conditions but if not watched closeley they can turn into a major anxiety attack. Don't treat your condition lightly as going untreated can cause you major problems in your future. Just like when you have a cut on your hand you know the chance of infection is possible so you clean the wound, put on some antibiotic cream, and then place a clean bandage on it. The same is true with your anxieties as you should treat them with care and keep an eye on them.

Know your Symptoms

Your anxiety which is often caused by stressfull situations will exhert symptoms of differing kinds. What you need to learn is what all your symtoms are big and small and the triggers that initiate each one of them. Often one symptom is triggered by something specific, while others are triggered by something totally different. Keep a log any time you have an attack, or an anxiety and be prepared to write the symptom down shortly after it occurs along with the trigger that set it off.

By knowing your symptoms along with the associated triggers you can be taking the first steops in finding a natural cure for your condition. Some of the symptoms we overlook are "Fatigue". Fatigue tends to drag us down and sucks the energy right out of us. Learn more about Fatigue



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