Stress at Work that is Technology Related is on the Rise.

 Technology and Work Related Stress

Times have changed and with the ever increasing pull from new fangled electronic devices the world is getting simplified and complicated at the same time. Because of such devices as cell phones, computers, the Internet, high Tech appliances, and many more things, people are having to incorporate more things into their life and it gets very complicated. Not only is this happening at home but also it is happening on the job and Causing work related stress.

Many years ago it use to be easy to learn a job and become good at it but with the business world quickly changing and adapting to the latest software and technologies the good old easy days are out. To stay in the game you need to almost be available at all times which means your strapped to a cell phone. Then your required to keep up with emails, passwords, virus software, and all the latest software versions your company switches too. Technology has a way of making certain things to easy which is now proving to cause problems with husband and wives. A good example of this is the cell phone which allows married people to talk during the day with ease but when they get home after their day they have nothing to talk about. Also if you talk during the day you tend not to miss each other as much. Years ago a wife or husband couldn™t wait for their partner to come home as they waited with excitement, but now they just call and know exactly when they will be there.

Maybe I™m old fashioned, I still like life without cell phones, without the internet, and the way it use to be. Life seemed to be simpler and less complicated and when 5 o™clock hit the day was over and family time began. Families spent more time with each other and less time apart. In this śME ME Societyť, we tend to think more about ourselves and less about each other. We often place more importance on work and less on what life is really about. Life is friends and family, Love and hobbies, fun and discovery, and not about focusing on your career.  More couples today break up because of technology and the stress created at work.

Work place Stress and Relief

Some companies have recognized their employees are more productive and tend to remain with the company if they have less stress in the work place. Many high tech careers are often the most stressful jobs as positions are usually quite demanding. Competitive edges are needed and often there is not a big enough budget to hire the needed amount of qualified people. So those who work there are constantly bombarded with duties they would normally not have to do. From the time their hired to only several months later they discover that their job requires them to work late even though there is no overtime paid. Usually they are salaried employees and promised days off in return for the over time they work. As I and many of you have realized, śThose days never appearť!

Relief is just around the corner as these companies are realizing that its getting harder and harder to keep good employees. Salaries are increasing and so is the awareness of all that hard work you have done. Companies are starting to make sure that all their employees are happy and you may see such things as company parties, picnics, and award ceremonies on the rise. One thing you may not see increase is the health care coverage your offered. With the rise of healthcare costs companies have had to down size the benefits they offer. It has just got to expensive for them to offer the coverage you use to get so now you may be feeling the pinch on your paycheck or even a very high deductible.

Don™t let technology stress you out in the work place, instead learn to relax and enjoy life. Don™t let your job keep you from your family, but at the same time be as productive as possible during the 8 hours you give at your job. Sometimes it just takes being a little more efficient at work to satisfy your boss and not necessarily working many hours.

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