Teen Stress and Touching on Stress Causes

Teen Stress


What is STRESS?

When a teen has physical or mental pressures put on them it creates stress. Stress is a part of everyday life but too much stress can be harmful. Physical stress on a body can cause broken bones and other medical ailments and mental stress can cause eventual anxieties and symptoms. Essentially the brain needs a balance of both positive and negative stress but not an overload of stress. Emotional stress or feelings from situations, friends, schoolwork and etc.. can cause a Teenager to become very unhappy emotionally. We all have stress in our lives and we learn to overcome and cope with it. Usually our stress is more of a challenge where someone who suffers from stress has problems handling it.

If your child or teen has developed an Anxiety from too much Stress it is possible to find a Natural Cure through Reading and Management. The first step though is to remove what ever has been causing the unwanted stress in their life. Be realistic about it as some teens may ask you to remove a Step Dad or a Step Mom. As a provider it is important to understand your mental Health comes first  otherwise your child does not have a chance. So throwing out, breaking up, or removing your new husband or wife is not the best answer unless your child is right and this person is nothing but negative in your household. Use youe head and make a decision as soon as you see problems.

What Causes Teen Stress?

Grades- Teens worry so much about disappointing their parents that they often get stressed out when they see a drop in their grades and some worry before they even see their grades for no reason whatsoever.

Tests- I worried before tests as a teen and I still do but luacky for me my test stress did not effect my grade or my test answers. Some teens stress so much that they become confused when taking a test. The feeling of failing sometimes is just to much for a teen to take.

College- College to some kids is just so difficult to grab a hold of mentally. They are afraid of the unknown and the unseen demands that will be on them. Its a part of their life that they are going through a big change and being closer to their way out of your house.

Finals- Too stressful, days and weeks of testing all pushed close together into a make or break a student situation.

Dating- Am I good enough?, Do they like me?, Is this cool what Im wearing? Kids worry so much about dating and stress over anything and everything when it comes to the opposite sex. Just going on a date can make some kids almost throw up. Dating can be really stressful and some kids just cant act like themselves when going out on a date.

Friends- Friends are important in anyones life and good friends are very important. When you lose a friend or when they start hanging with someone new it hurts. I have lost best friends and remembered how it felt and how stressed and depressed I was when they didnt invite me.

Peer pressure- "Just do it , Chicken"! Peer pressure is very bad negative stress that makes your teen do things they morally would not if in normal situations. The fear of acceptance is powerful and some teens will do dangerous things or illegal activities just to be a part of the group or make their peers like them more.

 Teen Stress Example:

A major test is comming up and instead of studying for the test they pace and worry about it or maybe they study but they forget everything they studied as soon as the number two pencil hits the paper. Under these circumstances you need to think back and take a look at your actions, the other [arents actions and possibly the teachers actions. Why is it that they have this fear? Who made it that grades, especially tests, have now put pressure on your child.

Let's look at it in a different way to better understand what your son or daughter is going through. If they get a big fat "F" on their test what will happen the moment everyone finds out and who will react the strongest? It is usually the one who is most critical of grades that puts a fear of failing into a young child or teen. It is also possible that the child him or her self is the one creating this pressure as they expect more from their selves.

Helping your teen balance their stress: First thing is to be in your teens life.

Your teen constantly pushes for independence but only give in a little. When your teen still has rules that you enforcee they know they are loved and by being involved they will always have and feel they have you to count on. Talk to your teen whenever possible about their day and listen to their tone of voice. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to hear your childs tone of voice change when you hit a sour topic. Dont be afraid to talk about everything and share stories from your past.

Teens often forget that you were once young too.

Remind them of the youth you had and some of the problems you had to tackle and deal with. Signs of teen stress Keep your eyes and ears open because your teens and children are sending out constant signals. Listen to the music they listen to, keep an eye on their grades and most of all talk to the people who are an influence in their lives.

Teachers", they raise your kids wheter you know it or not.

 Your childs teacher can tell if your child is happy in school or if your child seems to worry or be depressed. So what I would like you to do is meet your childs teacher, get their email address and tallk to them at minimum once a month. They will let you know when you should be concerned about your child.

Teen Stress Test  

Your teen may have to be tested for their stress to see how bad their stress can be on them. Before having your teen tested try and learn all you can about your teens stress. Chances are you know all of the things that stresses your teen out but never took the time to write them down and try to find a resolve. I'm not sure what a Teen Stress Quiz would look like but I do know all teens suffer from stress but most grow up to be normal and stronger from the stressful experiences. Just make sure the stress is not a constant thing your child or teen has in their everyday life and be there for when they need you.

Stress to Distress 

Teen Stress Management -  "Stress can evolve into distress and anxieties". When there is too much stress and a youth is bombarded with stressful situations it could lead to symptoms of anxiety. There are methods of preventing this if you are involved in your childs life and if your not involved get involved.

1) If your child is stressing out then teach them how to relax

Have them breathe deeply and count to ten silently. This is a good way for your child to learn anger management also. Teen anger usually will surface when your teen is stressed out.

2) Keep your teen occupied

Don't let your child mope around instead take them to the store, do the yard with them or get them involved in a sport. Find things that may interest your child and keep their mind in a more positive place. Get your teen involved in helping others. Your teen may think their life is so bad but when they get involved with the poor or mentally challenged they will realize how well they have it. Being involved in the community will also eventually give them leadership qualities which you and they can be proud of.

Give them an Instrument that they love or want to play and get them some lessons to start them on their way. Music can effect your child in many different ways and most being a positive influence as it easily occupies them and gives them in interest in something other then video games. For young boys and girls Guitars seem to be in more then ever so you may want to consider their intrests in that Instrument as it will give them independence and the possibilities of making friends with interests.

3) Limit Tv time

Even if they watch educational programs it is a must for them to be active and communicating with friends and other family members. It is not healthy to just sit in front of the tv all of the time. If they have game systems let them play longer if they have friends playing with them and try to have games where they are teamed up with friends and not against. "No, I dont and wont suggest grand theft auto"! Now Halo is a great game for kids to conquer bad guys together. It is violent however so you may want to consider this before buying. Atleast it is against bad guys and the kids learn how to play as a team. For every hour played though I think the kids should atleast do something outside such as throwing a ball around, biking or etc...

4) "Get them out of the house and into the sunshine". 

Join them in their games - From throwing the ball to video games get involved in your child's life and don't always be just an adult. Yes they need you to be an adult but at the same time you need to develop similar interests together. Go biking with your kids, throw frisbee in the park and create some memories with them. Exercise with them and not only will the exercise get them physically fit it will also keep them mentally happy.

5) Is your child positive or negative? -

If your child complains, wines and throws tantrums they may already have an anxiety or disorder. Try and make a list about your child's biggest complaints and things that they get upset about. After you do that then address them and put a plan into action to change it. Find what positive things your teen talks about or enjoys and expand on it. By growing their positives you are shrinking their negatives.

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