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Dealing with teen Anxiety stress Disorder can help your child grow up with better memories

It's hard for a mom and a dad to deal with the stresses that a child may face while he or she is as school especially if you are a single parent raising a child. It is so important to allow your child to be a child and to provide an environment at home that has little stress. The only environment you can truly control is the home environment where anxiety can be kept to a minimum.

Stress in teen

Stress causes Anxiety Disorders -

A teenager faces a multitude of emotional and social stressful situations on a daily basis. Not only is there the everyday normal stress that goes with being a child but there is an added dimension that comes with going through puberty. When a child is going through puberty he is changing and when your daughter has her period for the first time she is changing. A chemical change through their body is causing them to change almost over night. 

As an adult you can see this change and it can be quite heart wrenching. Your child who once use to be happy go lucky and always smiling and innocent is evolving. You hope that everything you taught your child as far as right and wrong sticks. These changes they go through puts a stress on them emotionally and some manage to adjust quite easily where other children seem to have a difficult time. 

You may notice your child worrying about things they never use to worry about and getting upset or stressed out about it. This is typical for a teenager and if handled accordingly your child will become stronger from their new experiences. For some though an acute anxiety disorder can develop hindering your child from enjoying their high school years.

Peer Pressure can also lead to anxieties. Learn more about how to ready your teen to avoid group pressure situations and being the target by Peers.

Talk to Your child and open up the communication “

As a parent you need to find out how your child is doing mentally and physically and a good relationship and communication line can help you and your child to alleviate any future anxiety problems. Keep your child involved in family activities and be a listening ear for them without judging all their actions. You want your child to come to you freely to discuss problems he or she maybe having at school.

Management Teen Stress - Don't ignore the conditions your child is having instead become proactive.

In order to help your child manage the stress and anxieties their facing you need to find out what stress and stresses your teen maybe dealing with. Discuss the issues that surface with them and keep your child as involved in discussing topics that they seem to stress on. After reading through this article you will find your teen has many things they stress over and many anxieties that are being created from that stress. 

From dating to taking tests and all the many things that a teen has to deal with you can help by offering that listening ear. They want to tell you but most of the time your stressed out teen is afraid to. Usually this fear or anxiety is from knowing how mad you may get and honestly your child does not want to disappoint you.

If your child shows signs of teenage depression then before this builds into a disorder, anxiety or life threatening situation then please get help.

Causes on Stress - your child is bombarded every day so open your eyes and take notice.

You can see your child faces many daily challenges and are put into very stressful situations on a regular basis. Each child handles stress differently and you will find certain things your child can deal with you cant and vice versa. Knowing types of  stress and anxiety your child faces will enable you and your child to be able to keep problems and anxieties from ever happening. Not that you can eliminate them but what you can do is prevent it from being a constant anxiety in your child's life.

Test Taking- some students can be failing, see if your child's grades are low on tests verses assignments.

Some kids have no problems taking tests while others feel the world on their shoulders and very extreme pressure that can cause them to forget things they normally would know. If your child normally does great on his or her homework but then seems to fail tests you may find they have become to stressed out and have developed a Test Taking Anxiety.


Fashion these days and designer clothes can be a big deal to your child and your child's perception of being accepted. For some reason your child places very little value in their own character and tries to compensate for it with the most expensive trendy clothes that is available. Hopefully you can help them out with some good clothes but as far as expensive designer clothes I think you should pass.

Grades “ 

Some children and teens place a great importance in their grades and they should. What shouldn't happen is stressing over a report card that is weeks away from even being generated. Sometimes you can always have great grades, sometimes you cant always be best in every subject and let your child know as long as they are studying hard and doing their best thats all that really matters.

Fears of acceptance -  

Being accepted is one of the biggest fears of new students into a new or different community. You remember the days you went to school and how you got butterflies in your stomache by being the new student. Moving into a new school district can be very frightening for yous child and if at all possible you should move during the beginning of summer vacation and not after school had started if at all possible. Your child or teen will be able to make new friends around the new neighborhood and become comfortable with his or her new area before the school year begins. Try getting them involved in sports or any other organized events to help them meet friends that are of a positive influence instead of ones that have nothing to do and may possibly get into trouble looking for excitement.

peer pressure and stress “

Peer Pressure and Teen Stress go hand in hand. Nobody tells your child they have to do something but your teen may have to fight off things that are conflicting especially when it comes to right and wrong. Because of wanting to be accepted they allow the peer pressure to force them into doing some things they would normally not do and then stress out afterwards knowing that you would not approve. Pressure can be so heavy and they are weighted down by it and emotionally your child can be scarred by giving in against their own beliefs.

school cause stress “

School is the biggest center and cause of stress in your child's life. Hands down it can be very difficult to be a student these days with the pressure of the school community always pulling them in so many different ways. The only good thing about the social school environment for teens is how it slowly introduces them to what they will face when their out of school and on their own. We all deal with stress and anxieties and it will always be a part of our lives. With that said, we should and your child should not be stressed out on a daily basis.

sources of stress “

Teen stress comes from many sources and with knowledge and reading your child can become mentally strong and able to deal with most anything. Encourage your teen to read, encourage all your children to read. Your child will be bombarded from every where with the stress of having to make choices and decisions. A strong minded teen who becomes more of a leader then a follower can avoid the over stressed situations by making quick and sound decisions.

Stress management  “ Stress management for your teen should be dealt with as early as possible.

You cant manage your child's stress nor can your child manage stress as if it were a business unless your knowledgeable about doing it. Communication on issues is the best way of keeping stress and anxieties in check. Stress management by a child almost sounds silly but in extreme cases this might be considered. What stress management is the fact that you are involved in issues that effect your child emotionally. Now if you stress your child out by forcing your way into their teen world then you would be counter productive. Again, be a listening ear, a loving parent and be there for them when they need you. Let them know you will always be available for them when they have a question on anything at all.

Teen Anxiety Disorder

When the stress level reaches a point where it is constantly affecting their life at school and at home chances are your child has developed a teen anxiety condition. If you recognize your child not being happy, feeling down, sleeping often and not wanting to go out and have fun, or maybe even a big change in their grades then please take a closer look at your child. Get involved and find out what is pulling your child to a negative emotional condition.
anxiety disorder social“ 

Social Disorders in teens are not as easy to spot these days. With things like computer games keeping your child captive you may never even notice your child's social disorder.

If your child has opportunities to play with friends but always seems to rather stay in and be by themselves then I would try getting them involved in some kind of sporting activity or club. Find out what their interested even if it is a game playing club. Get them involved with other kids with things they are interested in.

anxiety depression“ 

Depression in a teen or an Adult can take its toll on the life that one lives. Your child should be happy and you should know if your child is happy if you are involved in their life. Depression should not be taken lightly nor should the quality of their life. If you cant figure out why their depressed then you may need to seek a doctors help. You may want to read about depression in a child and gain a stronger understanding to help your child out as best as possible.

anxiety and moodiness “

symptom of an anxiety disorder but also seen in regular teens. Unless your child is consistently moody to an excessive point might they have an anxiety disorder.

Teenage anxiety and stress -  

stress that is surfacing on a regular basis can show that an anxiety condition exists.

teenage anxiety disorder “ 

Does my teen have an Anxiety Disorder? Most teens have anxieties but if the anxieties affect their over all life and growing up experience then that would be considered a disorder.

To see Symptoms of Anxieties your teen may face then go to the Symptoms page.

To see more information on Teen Anxiety and managing your teens stress.

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