Teen Stress Caused by Divorce

Divorce and Your Teen



Teen Stress Caused by Divorce

There is nothing easy when it comes to Divorce and often a Teenage Child of divorcing parents feels some responsibility. As parents are going through the divorce the teen is often confused and is feeling a pain that is not shown to either parent.

Proper Way to Divorce-

If you are getting a divorce from your partner the first thing you need to do when it has been decided that a divorce is emminant is to discuss with your partner your childrens feelings. Talk about the best way to handle it and make a pact not to involve your children in custody disputes, arguements, or use them as pawns.

Talk to your teen and your children about why you are getting a divorce but also explain how much you have loved their mommy or daddy and still do but not in the way marriage should be. Even then they will be sad but they need to know that it is not their fault.

Never argue in front of the kids -

Arguing in front of them or where they can hear is like giving them a severe mental beating and causing them much strain and pain. Even the best of divorcing parents will slip every now and then, but cutting back on exposing your kids to the hatee and anger a divorce can bring will allow them not to suffer as deeply or longer.

Good Divorce -

Some people will tell you there is no such thing as a good divorce but I beg to differ. When a couple has reached a point that is negative on each oother or the children then if divorcing brings relief, in my opinion that is a good divorce.

Also a good divorce is one when both parents talk matters out and keep communication wide open. Both parents need to stay highly involved in the childrens llife and each others. Let the children know that divorce is not necessarily a bad or ugly thing by improving the quality of their lives. Increase the amount of time you spend with your kids and talk to them each day about "Their Day". Show them a love they have not felt in a long time and keep them busy.

Live Close to your Ex -

Stress from travel can make the relationship between EX's increase especially when one of the parents has to do all the traveling. From the cost of uel to trying to meet drop off deadlines a parent can be pushed into an anxiety or some form of anger. As parents you must sacrifice for the good of the children and not for the "Good of you". It is a long road to a normal life but it can be less bumpy if you work together to schieve the quality of life your Teen or children deserve.

Divorce Causes Teen Stress -

Learn the signs of stress your Teen may go through. Pay particular attention to their behavior or lack of behavior. A stressed Teen can suffer depression or even a slew of anxieties and anger. Mental suffering by far can be more extreme then physical pain. It's hard enough to be a Teenager with all the social implications and going through puberty and then to add divorce on top of it can push a kid over the edge. Plese look for the signs and don't ignore them as your child could be at risk of a breakdown or a condition that will affect their whole life.

Other Causes of Teen Stress -

Your Teen has so many things to worry about so when you throw a divorce on top of him or her consdier what they maybe going through already such as : Peer Pressure-Test Stress and Studying-Social Issues-Boyfriend or Girl Friend Problems-Puberty

 These other pressures will be added to what is felt by a divorce so please be civil when it comes to your divorce and keep your childrens Mental Health Welfare in mind at all times.

Teens Stress and Suicide -

Not everyone considers the worst case scenario nor do they think their child could ever commit suicide. When a Teen is taken over by anxieties or depression they are not themselves anymore as they are suffering aand in pain. When life seems to be a constant punishment and they feel no way out of their suffering anything is possible even the thoughts of suicide.

Teen Stress and Rage -

Anger can easily surface in your teeen towards you or other unsuspecting kids at school. Like a walking time-bomb your child could be emotionally ready to lash out at anyone as he or she can't keep their feelings bottled up forever. To help prevent rage in your Teen it is best to keep an open dialogue with them and talk about the issues they are feeling. Give them space when needed but keep talking to them. They need to feel loved and eventually if you show them you are wanting to listen and you love them they will talk. Most of all never give up on your Teenage Child or lose sight of what they aare going through and facing. For a spell it maybe a love hate relationship and it will take much energy to keep your cool as your teenager will be sometimes "Trouble and Out of Control".

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