Teenage Depression Symptoms untreated can lead to Long term effects

Teenage Depression Symptom

What are the signs of depression my child may show?

Symptoms and Signs.

Many teenagers go through depression and some are more serious then others. Its easy to see how depression can come about especially with the changes that go through their bodies and minds. A chemical imbalance and puberty always has a tendency for teens to go through many different emotional stages. There are many symptoms and signs of depression but Im only going to list the most common ones. Now it is common for teens to have emotional swings and depression on and off but for only short periods of time. Most teens have a tendency to pick themselves up quickly and move past their problems or in simpler terms just get over it.

Sleeping disorder- Sleeping late and not getting up in the morning to not being able to sleep at night.

Eating disorders- Not eating to stuffing their face and gaining a lot of weight.

Weight gain or Loss- often over very short periods of time a drastic change in their weight can be a sign of depression.

Disconnect from society- Not talking to friends or having friends. They will seem to be more of a loaner instead of someone who gets involved.

Choosing the Wrong Friends- Your child may hang out with the bad kids or the ones who are up to no good.

Drugs and Alcohol - They may make bad decisions and be susceptible to taking drugs and making bad choices.

Falling Grades- When you see a drastic change in grades then it is best to start asking questions.

Staying indoors- Depression will often make them look and act very sluggish and inactive.

Crying for no reason- They can become very emotional or they may just show no emotions at all.

Lack of smiling and laughter- Depressed people rarely laugh or smile. They seem sad or down.

Angry and hostile
- Sometimes this combination is a cry for attention. Though they are depressed and angry what their really wanting is some attention.

Suicide thoughts- Teens can often be so depressed that they think they would be better off dead. Often they don't mean it but you should take their words seriously as you look to uncover the cause of their depression.

Sometimes your teen hides the symptoms

If your teenager has depression the best way for you to know is to have been a good parent. Be proactive and be a good listener without always being critical about their mistakes. Always remember what you were like as a child an some of the things you said and done. All teens will make mistakes, your job is to guide them to preventing them from doing so but your job is also to communicate with your child as much and often as possible. Let them know everyday that your there if they need you and of course tell them how much you love them!

Depression Causes Teenage Suicide

We often think of depression in our kids of them being in a rut. Sometimes we take it for granted or maybe even take it serious because were so unsure of how to handle or deal with it. It is so hard to see your child in pain without being able to easily put a bandage on the problem to fix it. Teenage depression has been the cause of many teens to take their own life. Depression so deep that they feel life is worse then death. It is so hard to imagine that unless you have suffered from depression yourself.

Picture feeling alone in this world with no real good friends to turn too. Loneliness creeps in and even though their are friends around the corner you just can't connect. You see them there all laughing and cutting up together but for some reason you just don't fit in even if they want you too. So you go to your room, isolate yourself, and start to dwell on the emptiness that fills your mind. At night when their outside they often look up to the stars and when nobodies around they reach their arms into the air and scream out, "Take me home"! They feel as if they are not apart of this world instead they feel like they were left behind. A misfit that doesn't belong and that will never fit in.

Loneliness is an unusual punishment for anyone to suffer through. It leaves no bruises, is often hidden, yet the pain is agonizing that they choose to die instead of to live. Their zest for life was stolen many years ago and the suffering continues like a throbbing toothache.

Don't let your baby suffer from severe depression! Help them find themselves, their family, their friends, and a place they can truly feel at home in. The stars are for dreaming, not for trying to end a nightmare.

Learn how to help your Teenager Manage their Anxieties and Stress to prevent Depression and Mental Health Problems.

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