Can one thing rid us from illness and disease and finally give us our cure?

"The Mind is an Amazing Most Powerful Tool for Healing"

Medication or Positive thought?

If I had to choose the possibility of "The Cure For All Disease" I would have to pick the mind over any drug that is out there.

If you ask my wife then she would whisper to you "Choose the Pill". The way I see it is most illnesses are caused from the mind being weak, or the body being susceptible to illness because of the mind going astray. Not only can the mind help to cure you of a broken heart, it can also be taught to incorrectly send the wrong signals in such cases as disorders,anxieties, imaginary fears and stress.

Since many of the diseases and illnesses are in the mind then it is only the mind that can truly fix the problem.

 My wife would tell you that there is no hope for me but as for you I bet she would agree. Throughout time people have helped to heal them self naturally with the use of knowledge. As we get older we retain less and don't absorb information as easily. Also we tend not to read as much so our mind becomes weaker from lack of reading and input. Just like your body from lack of exercise gets out of shape so does your mind.

If you work your mind, train that tool upon your shoulders and cram some good old elbow grease into learning and studying then you maybe surprised at what that old noggin can do.It is known that we only use a very small percentage of our brains, and some use very little at all. "It doesn't have to be this way", so stop being so lazy. And yes, after this article is through I promise I will "practice what I preach".

The Almighty Pill temporarily relieves but doesn't cure.

Pill's are great but if you looked at every medication that is out there then you would probably find most don't cure they just provide relief. It is not the case for all but at the same time there is definitely not a Cure All pill that can eliminate disease and disorders. The mind has still yet been tapped into and remains the most likely future Cure for All Disease.

Plus if it wasn't for all those people with smart minds and intelligence then there would not be any pills at all!

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