If your a worry wart you maybe facing some anxieties and stress

Don't WORRY be Happy

People these days tend to have so much on their mind and so much more too worry about then ever before.  Constant pressure and stress can cause a strain on your life and how you are emotionally. When you take some time to think about why you put yourself through this anxiety what you find is that you probably  are worrying for no reason at all.

It is very unhealthy to tare yourself up over things that maybe fine but still we all seem to have so many negatives on our mind. I can attribute much of this to what our daily intake of the media is. Everyday we are bombarded by many stories from the major News Stations about accidents, death, fear, panic, war, and many things that set off alarms and cause ones mind to start thinking that everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

What these major News Organizations don™t cover is the many wonderful and good things that happen in the world. Unfortunately they think that the public would rather hear about the negatives in life rather then the positives. They personally have no idea to write a heart felt story that can cause someone to tear or an article that causes people to be inspired and help those in need.

Here are some of the main things that people Worry about on a Daily Basis

Money - We all over spend and have a bad habit of not saving enough for emergencies. The thoughts of not having enough to pay the bills at the end of the month can make someone develop an anxiety. For those who spend more then they make find themselves stressed out  and possibly they possibly face spats of depression and concern.

Pregnancy- The thought of being pregnant after being late for a period can have a woman worrying themselves into a panic attack. It is very hard to deal with the unexpected especially if it™s something that can change ones life forever. The funny part of this worry is it is usually proved to be wrong. When someone has a baby they soon find out how blessed they are and the baby becomes their life. Instead of having the fear of becoming pregnant they should be celebrating and feeling lucky that they are able to become pregnant when so many women out there are not able to have babies at all.

Being Late- This is a popular one as it tends to make us drive to fast and has caused many speeding tickets and accidents. Being late is not the end of the world and it will happen so many times during your life so why worry about it. When I™m running a bit behind I just accept it, turn the radio up and sing so I don™t get stressed over something I can™t change without putting myself and others in danger.

Death - Thoughts of death enter the minds of everyone and many people can™t deal with it. It becomes something they think about often  and can cause them to be emotionally impaired to deal with every day life. We are born into this world and when we die we are reborn again. Instead of worrying enjoy life as life goes by quick and no worrying in the world can change that.

- I am so amazed at the amount of people who are so worried about their own health that they wind up making themselves sick. It is understandable to be concerned when you are sick but when you or your family members are healthy you need to concentrate on living your life. Worry Warts are some of the most irritating people I have ever met, so don™t be a śWorry Wartť!

People Worry too much and many health effects are caused because of this stress and burden they put on themselves. Woman are some of the biggest  worriers there are as they are also some of the more complex thinkers. They not only worry about themselves but also worry about everyone else. Personally I™m surprised that women live longer then men with all the things that they have to deal with.


Worrying wont do you one bit of good. It is ok to be concerned but to have it effect your mental and physical health gets to the point of becoming more of a burden sucking the life out of your every day. You don™t have to worry, just think the best and watch where the cards fall.

Worry TOO Much
There are some things you can do when you get in this stress filled condition. When you find yourself worrying think about the many times you have before . Chances are what you remember is that everything was just fine and your negatives thoughts of doom and gloom were based on just the fact that you have been programmed to think the worst. Reprogram yourself and life will become more enjoyable for you, your family and friends.

Don™t Worry Poem

From morning to night nothing but worry,
Fred ran late all the time and so he would hurry,

So many unpaid tickets his heart would skip a beat with every passing cop,
His stress  level was high and his blood pressure needed to drop,

A missed call from his mom, śThere must be something wrongś,
He dials her over and over  he dials all day long,

Almost in tears thinking his father past away,
He puts his hands together and to the lord he prays,

That night Fred receives a call from his mom,
śHappy Birthday Babyť, I tried to call you but your phones been busy all day long,

Fred suffered and a day was lost to stress,
His ulcer is causing him grief and now he needs his rest,

But he lays in his bed and just cant go to sleep,
He worries about his alarm clock and if he™ll hear it beep,



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