You can Control your anxieties with Knowledge

Controlling Anxiety Attack Disorder

"So you discovered you have an anxiety disorder and your worried about how your friends and family may look at you."

Treatment of Anxiety starts with a Self Help Anxiety Book

Chances are it maybe difficult for your friends and family to accept and understand the anxiety you have and how it makes you feel about the anxiety and about yourself for having the anxiety.When friends and family try to help you might find that their advice is less then welcoming. They can listen to you but without truly having been in your shoes they have no idea how much of a toll your anxiety disorder takes on you. Sometimes the advice they give adds to the anxiety and stress you already have in your life.

Anxiety Information and Family -

It is very important for you to let your family and loved ones know about your anxiety even if their not the best source for information and support about your disorder. Keeping your illness hidden can be an anxiety in itself. Some of the things you may go through as far as your actions and moments of panic and anxiety need to be explained to the ones that love and care about you. Controlling my Anxiety was a challenge and until I actually began reading and following a program I was in the dark.

With knowledge and time they will be able to be an excellent support structure so don't be reluctant to let them know but don't expect them to completely understand at first. If need be print them out some information about anxieties and panic disorders to let them learn a little bit more to aid them in acceptance of your illness.If you can get them to read through your Anxiety book then they will have a better knowledge of what you are going through.

Many people may not understand the fear and terror that attacks you but we understand and millions of people around the world can relate to what your going through. Your not alone, and even though it seems incredibly difficult at times their is hope for you as long as you are open to change. Fear resides in the mind and though it may seem a permanent part of your life it's not. By taking time to read and understand you are taking the first steps to curing your anxiety panic attack.

It doesn't matter how old you are, as your mind can still learn to beat the fear. The choice to naturally healing yourself is ultimately yours and so is taking the initiative to get help. Maybe you'll choose self help or maybe a doctor who specializes in disorders. One way or another tackle the problems that face you and learn to live without anxiety.

Join a support group

Get involved and try to include family and friends who truly show an interest in your care and support. Keep the lines of communication open and let them know when your having a good or bad week. The solution to curing and controlling your anxiety disorder is in knowledge. The mind, your mind wants freedom from pain, stress and fear it just needs to be taught how to rid those feelings from within. Support groups are great for discussing many of the problems and solutions to aid you in your recovery. Plus the people who have suffered as you have no where your coming from so theres no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Get Organized

Organize your life and your daily activities and try to be less cluttered. Sometimes especially these days we all try to bite a little more off then we can chew. This doesn't go for everyone but it is a good place to start. Evaluate your life and how your living it and look at what sets off your anxieties or induces your stress.

How to manage anxiety attacks

When attacks happen you usually don't expect them so in order to control an anxiety attack you must be able to eliminate the triggers which cause them. With time you will climb mountains but for now just by reading this you are taking the first steps needed to getting to the mountains base. It wont be easy, I would be lying to you if I told you its as simple as taking a pill and then presto your fine. In fact I would encourage you not to take medication unless your anxiety is physically harmful to you or anyone else. Read Anxiety books and books on disorders to get a better understanding about your condition.

Your Doctor is the one to consult when it comes to finding out if medication is what you need. There are so many people taking prescription drugs that could have easily recovered without it. Medications are easy to get dependent on so see if your doctor agrees with a more natural Anxiety cure method. Medications help you cope with your disorder they don't cure it. It is more of a temporary relief to help you cope until you can find a way to be cured or cope with your illness.


Anxiety and Panic Workbook

If your reading this then you also have Anxieties and conditions that you want to treat,change,or help to control. For anyone who has Anxieties or Stress for many years you understood that it just doesnt go away. In fact it is more likely for many of our problems if not addressed will grow to the point they can effect our personal well being.

Well now is the time to stop depending on just a Doctor or hoping your problem and conditions will go away. By using a workbook you will finally help to tackle these issues and conditions. If you are using medication or under a doctors supervision you may want to show him the work book or even ask him or her about using a Anxiety and Panic workbook.

This workbook will help you monitor your issues and help you to tackle and eventually eliminate them. I highly suggest this as your involvement in trying to overcome your Anxieties will make it easier to eliminate or reduce the conditions you have been living with. Using the Anxiety workbook will help you to see the progress and adjust to what works and what does'nt work.


Anti Anxiety Medications

Controlling Anxiety Attacks by way of medications can cause side affects and some can lead to problems in the future so before you make any decisions when it comes to Meds be sure to read and study your illness in depth. Talk to a doctor of Anxieties and get as much information as possible. Use your own judgment not just a doctors decision. In fact when it comes to medication and Anti-Depressants it's best to get a second opinion if at all possible.

Coping with and dealing with your condition is an up hill battle but you can be victorious. Never give up, never give in because what you will achieve from your self help is a mind that has the ability to heal and learn to rid itself from stress, anxiety and disorders. Though at times it may seem impossible it is really just challenges waiting for you to tackle. These challenges can be beaten and your resolve will leave you enjoying life more then ever.

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